Love the view

securedownloadOne more post before I go camping tomorrow.  Yesterday we had a beautiful 11 mile birthday run through the mountains above where I live.  I’m grateful my legs and feet were able to take the beating with my 13 mile run the day before.  Afterwards we sat on the lawn and had bagels!!  Here are a few pictures.  I need a real camera I know!

My wildflowers!

My wildflowers!

securedownloadI HEART my friends!!  They don’t know how much they mean to me 🙂  Keep on running up that trail.  It’s worth the spectacular view from the top!!

Magnificent.  Uplifting.  


One thought on “Love the view

  1. Love those shorts 😉 Now… do you or any of your friends run with a Garmin to track your runs? Also, what fuel/water belts are you wearing? Will you post on that?? I’d like to see what you are using to hydrate during your runs – belts, bottles, etc.

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