Advice for training runs

Happy to be home from one of the best camping trips ever!  We went with a group of 17 girls from our church and several leaders.  Everything went smoothly and all the girls got along fantastically.  I think my favorite part was viewing the night sky with the millions of stars!


We also LOVED a HOT 5 mile hike and spending an afternoon at Bear Lake.  I got a little sun but the water was perfect and we enjoyed several games of tag that ended up in a big dunking war!  I’m happy to say that I ate very well (meaning HEALTHY) too!!  I made a commitment to myself that I didn’t want to share on my blog.  It seems like when I make a goal on my blog I never keep it.  Anyway, NO CANDY for the rest of the year or at least until after my marathon that I just signed up for this morning!!!!  Here is where I’ll be running!  Seems like the perfect race for me!

Fall in Big Cottonwood Canyon-LI have almost 2 months till race day.  Today we ran 10 and I felt a little rusty.  I think we’ll hit the trail tomorrow!  Then, after I showered and had breakfast I got a call to teach a class this morning with only a half hour warning!  So, I’m in workout outfit number 2 for the day!  We did a great upper body workout and a little Zumba!!  Since I’ll be running A LOT in the next couple months I want to post about two running accessories that my friend had a question about.  The first is, what do you think about running with a GARMIN?  I use my GARMIN only when I’m training for something.  Here’s mine:

500-727782-847__1I use it to track my distance and to see my current pace.  If you want to get faster it’s a great tool to have.  You can look down and know exactly how fast you’re going and if you need to speed up!  Today we ran at an 8 1/2 average pace.  I need to get faster.  So, yes they are worth it and great to have!  It helps especially with tracking long runs.  You know exactly how far to go.

Next question was about fuel belts.  Yes, I have one.  I don’t love them.  I bought one many years ago when I was training for my first marathon.  This is what I have:



The bottles leak.  I think I just need new ones, but it’s a little difficult to maneuver with the bottles behind you and then trying to get into the pouch for a gel or something.  I would like to try this one!



You hold it in your hand and the pouch is right there on the bottle.  I tried a hand held one before and it bothered my wrist.  I think I’ll try it again though for my upcoming training.  I just thought of one more thing to say concerning long runs.  What do you eat and drink during long runs?  For me, I like water.  Powerades and Gatorades upset my stomach.  I can’t stand gels.  They make me want to puke.  I LOVE LOVE STINGER WAFFLES and SPORTS BEANS.  They are the BEST!!!

Unknown sportbeans_fp_lg


All of these things can be found at AMAZON!!  So easy!  Well, I’m home for a few days and then off to another camping trip.  This one is with family.  I’m looking forward to it!  Enjoy the day!  I’ll be hitting the pool with my kids in a few.  Non stop Fun and Running!!  The BEST!



2 thoughts on “Advice for training runs

  1. Thank you for all your running tips! I just ordered the hand held Nathan bottle in pink. I was told by our FB running pal that she prefers holding her water, as wearing it – always rubbed her back. Her husband meets her every 7 miles and hands off a new bottle during her longer runs. She also pointed out to me that she also did NOT have to stop for water, since her water was in her hand. So, what the heck! Amazon has the Nathan bottles with Prime shipping for $14 ! – so, I just ordered one. I also use a GARMIN. You are completely correct – they are a SUPER tool for pacing yourself, knowing how far you’ve gone, etc. I have a Garmin Forerunner 405CX – with heart rate monitor. I use a POLAR FT4 heart rate monitor for workouts in the gym. Which Garmin do you use? I see the picture – but what model is it? I may try some of the Waffles…. hmmm. Have to look into those! We have a running store that has a water belt – I may try that, too. Just one at a time, I guess. I just took a quick peek on Amazon – and Nathan makes waist packs as well. I’ll just have to read some of the reviews and see! I’m so excited for you!! with the upcoming marathon! Wow! Good luck!! I’ll be following your training! Woo Hoo! Thanks again for all your tips! 🙂

    • I have the Garmin forerunner 210. You sound like you are set to run forever! I’ll have to get on Amazon and order the handheld water holder too! I hope everything goes well with my training, sometimes I go too hard too fast and get injured! I’ll keep you posted! Thank you for your comments. I always appreciate them!

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