100 day goal

It is time to reclaim my former life!  We have been in a whirlwind for the last week or so!  My parent’s celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and it was spectacular!  To see them so happy was wonderful to me!  I must say we know how to throw a party.  It was perfect!!  Such a great reunion of past friends and family!  Here are my parents and their 7 kids and a cut out picture of them 50 years ago!

47a3d908b3127cce98541b6aedad00000035100AcMnLhkzbNWPgMy oldest brother and I played the part of MC.  My Dad sang “Some Enchanted Evening” to my Mom and it was so sweet!!  I’m grateful for these parents of mine and proud to be a part of our family!

Now, it is back to REAL life!  I’m completely disoriented from my normal, predictable routine.  The only fit thing I’ve been able to keep up on is my running!  We had a great 16 miler down Immigration Canyon over the weekend and today our usual 6 miles felt like a walk in the park!  I want to get back to eating healthy and lifting.  I have to SAY to my dear friend that will be reading this…I did not keep our 9 week fitness plan.  If you remember 9 weeks ago we were gung ho on shaping up!  I wanted to be at 125 and all ripped (:  HA HA !!!  July has been worse than the Christmas season!  So….that brings me to my next goal of course.  After talking with a cousin at the party this weekend, I have decided to go without sugar for 100 days!!!  Officially starting on AUGUST 1st!!!!  That means: no cookies, brownies, white bread, or candy!!!  It’ll be awesome!!  I also need to spend less money!!  So, that will be part of the plan too!!  I’ll be SERIOUSLY on this time!!  🙂  Today is hopping!  I’ve got to get moving in many directions!


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