Day 12


Happy Monday and happy I need to start the week off better day!  I almost caved yesterday on my sugar challenge!  Sundays are the hardest.  I want to make yummy desserts or relax and eat candy while I read a book.  I subbed my CRAVINGS for WHITE FLOUR.  I made crepes for breakfast and breadsticks for dinner and I didn’t eat just one!  I was happy when my friend texted me at 10:00 p.m. last night and wanted to run 9 miles today!!!  I had plenty of energy to burn!  I’m also happy to say that at this point in my training 9 miles seems like nothing (:  Running has been great lately….knock on every piece of wood I can find!  I’ve been known for many injuries!  Let’s hope I can keep it up for another month!!

So, what am I tweaking this week?  Seriously, no white bread, pasta, or rice!   I’m also going to stop eating at 7:30 p.m.  To help with CRAVINGS, I’m going to make two of my favorite snacks.  My sister’s protein balls and Chocolate Covered Katie’s fudge bites.  Check HERE for recipes.

My cute kids are hopping on the healthy wagon too.  My two boys in football want to eat lots of good food and my daughter is feeling a cold coming on and asked for wheat grass today!  I guess I’m rubbing off on them (:

I’m also going to change up my lifting routine.  I’m getting sick of weights 6 days a week!  Imagine that, I DO get tired of exercising.  I found a good schedule I want to try.

MONDAY-Chest, Glutes, Abs

WEDNESDAY-Back, Biceps, Abs

THURSDAY-Shoulders, Triceps, Abs 


I’ll run 4 days a week too (:

SONG of the day is the NEW Katy Perry song!!  It was released today and I’m sure you’ll be hearing it all over the radios!


Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!


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