Day 21

Good morning!!  I loved my workout today with my #1 client.  Firstly, I did my LAST track workout.  I’ve decided I can cut that out of my life for awhile.  I might pick it up again next summer, but I won’t teach during the school year.  This year I have one starting high school, one starting junior high, two in elementary, and my little preschooler.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I like schedules and organizing.  They are all over the place!!  The track was beautiful this morning.   I had to snap a pic. although it never looks quite the same as in real life.

photo-28Here’s the workout!  It’s a perfect combo of everything!  SUPER SIMPLE too!!!  4 Rounds.  Start the first round with 18 reps of everything and go down two with each round!  You’ll be sweating.


 Shoulder Press

Dead LIfts

Push Ups

Kettle bells

Sit Ups

Jump lunges

Tricep kickbacks

Step Ups

100 Jump Ropes

I’m still struggling with eating healthy.  I’m still no sugar, but my motivation is weak.  I think I’m in a TIRED slump.  Marathon training and 5-6 hours of sleep a night don’t go well together!  I feel like my poor son most of the time after his football practice.  He got out of the car the other day and laid right down on the driveway!  Awww…my poor baby (:  Fun time of year.  Football starts this weekend!  Have a HAPPY day!  Enjoy the outdoors!


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