Day 24

Hello!  Today is Day 24!  I have some new goals and motivators on my mind!!!  What does that mean?  It means I haven’t keep my last stinkin’ goal of 100 days without sugar and I need a new one (:  I’ll tell you all about it on Monday!  I know the suspense will be hard to bear!

This little post will be quick.  I have many things to do and if I don’t keep moving I’m going to fall face forward and be out cold in 2 seconds.  I was up at 4:30 this morning, mostly because I couldn’t sleep, but really because we ran our 20 miles today!!!  YIPPEE for US!!!  There were 4 of us crazies today!  Perfectly cool weather and a great run!  I really have nothing scary to report.  My hips were feeling it near the end and my legs cramped up after we stopped.  I was on a mad search for bananas or oranges and thought a Diet Coke would suffice.  It didn’t.  Other than that I felt GREAT!!  The race is in 3 weeks and the weekly miles will start to taper.  I want to really focus on quality and speed for the rest of my training.  It will be HARD I know.  I’m not a natural at marathons.  Thank goodness for my friends!!!  They are the best.  Lately I’ve been thinking of how blessed I am for the many people in my life that are ANGELS to me!!  I know I am well watched over and I’m grateful to tears (:  Happy tears of course!

Let’s see if I have any cool pictures to share!  Oh, here are a few!  My son and I walked around with a group of his football buddies to check out the high school!  Our high school is the craziest floor plan.  I have nicknamed it Hogwarts and my son thinks it looks like one big bathroom.  It was recently remodeled with a whole lotta tile.  I think it should have been more designed to look like a castle!  Here we are.  Yes, it is my alma mater too!  I’m so proud (:

He looks so happy!

He looks so happy!

Here is a pic. of me and my daughter playing miniature golf!  So fun!  We had a GREAT party for my husband’s work up in the mountains with lots of rides and activities for the kids.  We did have a sudden drop in temperature yesterday and it was sooooo cold!  I’m a baby!

securedownload-1Everything is fine and moving along!  School starts on Monday and it’s a NEW start and a NEW school for all 4 of my kids.  They are a little nervous.  Fun adventures always!  Have a fantastic DAY!!!


A bit of advice for the new school year.

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