Friday Favorites

HELLO!!!  Some days I like to think of my favorite things!  I have 5 favorite things I’m lovin’ right now.  Totally random.  Here’s the list in no particular order!

  2. TOMS
  4. MY BED

My kids weren’t cooperating well with the camera this morning!  This is the best one I got!  It’s peach season and I love eating peaches, but I also love to smell them!  YUM!



So, TOMS have been around for awhile and I never got myself a pair because they seemed trendy.  I thought they looked so cute on a friend of mine I decided to give them a try!  I could LIVE in these shoes!  I’ve had them about a month so we’ll see how they hold up, but I want to wear them EVERYDAY!!

Toms-Classic-Shoes-Gray-1-58991Sunflowers-2Next, MY sunflowers!  They are all around me right now and the yellow brightens my day (:

6c96b3603a0f6686f5ecf859bc741842This is not my bed, but HOLY COW!  I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!!  How heavenly is that?  My body is so tired.  I got up early and ran 8 miles and in a few minutes my friends are draggin’ me to ZUMBA!  Very fun!

american-ghirardelli-triple-chocolate-brownie-mix-new-bigger-6-batch-box-46-pO.K.  I don’t go crazy on these, but DO NOT buy them!  Best brownie ever!  I might make a batch this weekend on the 31st of course before I go off SUGAR again on the 1st (:

I do have a HAPPY weight to report.  I was at 131 this morning!  I thought I was at 135 or so.  I want to be at 128 by race day.  2 weeks!  Can I do it?

That’s all I have for today!  Next post will be 4 Sunday outfits.  This will probably be the last of those.  I ran out of different outfits and I want to repeat some of my favorites!  Have a GREAT weekend!  I’m looking forward to a Wonderful Holiday weekend!


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