Like fine wine and cheese

Happy Monday AFTER my race!!!!  It was GREAT!!!  I don’t know where to start really so I’ll say a phrase my husband tells me.  You’re like FINE WINE AND CHEESE!  Which means I get better with age!!   Lucky me, because I earned a qualifying spot for the BOSTON MARATHON!  I’m kind of in denial with that part of the race.  This is marathon #3 and here are my times:

2007-St. George, UT 4:10

2012-Ogden, UT 3:58

2013-Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT 3:42

 I really went into the day thinking, I’ll see how it goes and run as fast as I can.  I only have 3 measly photos from the experience, but I might post a few shots that were taken on the course later.  Here we are:

Day before at the expo!

Day before at the expo!

On top of the world!  I'm rockin' the Rocky sweats!

On top of the world! I’m rockin’ the Rocky sweats!

My twin and inspiration!

My twin and inspiration!

Here is the LOW down of the Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon!  Perfect weather!  It was iffy for days and even the morning of.  We ran in 50-60 degree temps with cloud cover.  Couldn’t be better!  The rain waited patiently for me to finish and then DUMPED a few hours after the race.  So grateful!  This is a FAST course.  The website says it’s a net downhill of 5300 ft. with minimal uphill and a 500 ft. net drop even after the canyon.  Sooooo, that combined with my awesome age helped me BQ!  My official time was 3:42:09.  I signed up for Boston this morning and I need to check back to see if I get in.  It’s so popular, you’re not even guaranteed a spot with your time!

The miles really did fly by.  My outfit was super comfy.  My shoes felt great!  I didn’t even damage my toenails.  Super hard on the quads and my right heel is hurting, but other than that, I feel great.  I kept my time in the 7’s through mile 16, kept it in the 8’s until mile 20, and then my last 6 were 9 and 10 minute miles.  Oh, of course I wish I was faster at the end!  I’ve never been more sore and I think my legs are pretty tough.  The next morning I seriously could not lift my legs out of bed and going downstairs is quite the treat.

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.  If you like to run, RUN a marathon!!  The BEST!!  I love the energy and excitement from the other runners and spectators and the exhilaration of finishing!  I’m so glad my body cooperated!  My time is good for 2 years if I want to wait and run Boston in 2015.  I want my friends to qualify again so I’ll see when they want to run it, but I might be training again by January!  I’m a little nutso!

Once again, I have a busy week.  I sit down every Sunday night and fill in my weekly calendar.  It’s good to keep busy!  My house is going to pot since I can’t move so well, picking up all day is a daunting task!  I’m grateful to be healthy and live in such a beautiful place!  Cool. Run. Victorious. Uplifting!!!

4 thoughts on “Like fine wine and cheese

  1. Woo hoo Holl! You did awesome. I can’t believe you didn’t damage any toenails!! That’s amazing with all the downhill you did. Holy cow. Thanks for being such a inspiration to me. 😉

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