Time to mix things up


Happy Workout Wednesday day!  I have a great overall body workout that I did with my friends yesterday.  Behold:

Tabata plank for 8 minutes (20 seconds on 10 seconds off)

8 stations 1 1/2 minute each for 3 rounds


High Sumos


Chest press or flys

Frog hops

Bicep Curls

Mountain Climbers

Side to side push ups

We finished with 100 walking lunges with a leg lift and 100 side abs (50 each side)

I love working out with my friends, but I workout harder when I’m solo!  I need to STEP up my game!  When I work out harder and I’m not talking MORE often, I eat a lot CLEANER.  I used to go to the BEST boot camp classes at Gold’s that left me completely fatigued.  I’m going to up my HIIT (high intensity interval training).  I’ve gained a few extra pounds and I’m bugged.  I’m giving myself 2 weeks to get to my goal.  Maybe sooner (:  This is what my workouts will look like:

MONDAY: 6 mile tempo run.  Legs.

TUESDAY: My full body workout.  3 mile interval run.  Body Attack

WEDNESDAY: Back and Bi’s  Zumba

THURSDAY: 4 mile tempo run.  Body Combat.  Shoulders

FRIDAY: Chest and Tri’s  Spin.

SATURDAY:  Long Run 8-12 miles

That looks pretty intense I know.  I’m going to try it for a couple weeks and see how it goes!  This weekend we have a little getaway planned with some of our favorite friends!  A couple days of hot tubbing, movies, hiking, games, karaoke, and more.  I soooooo need a relaxing break!!  I’m going on my favorite run tomorrow morning with my friends before we leave but then I’ll hit this schedule hard on Monday!!

Find what motivates you.  This chick’s body makes me what to keep at it.  Perfect arms.  Her top is one of my favorites too.  Under Armour.

e7b801155f57ef18fb5976dd461a6dbc Have a happy FALL weekend!!

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