A GEM of a workout!

This week I have been following some NEW workouts.  I found this chick on bodybuilding.com.  Her name is Jen Jewell.  Here she is:

get-back-to-basics-1This is a very mild picture of her.  Most of the ones I saw she’s ripped to shreds.  She had a few circuit workouts that looked like my style.  WOW!  Talk about feeling shredded!  I couldn’t get through them and that doesn’t happen very often.  I’m stubborn!  Click HERE to see all 4 workouts.  It’s 4 workouts a week: back, upper body blast, lower body blast, and chest, triceps, and abs.  Perfect amount!

Here is the back workout.


chin ups 12 reps

push up to side plank 12 reps


seated cable row 12 reps

push ups with feet elevated 12 reps


wide grip lat pulldown 12 reps

burpees 15 reps


bent over barbell row 12 reps

200 jumpropes


supermans 15 reps

plank 1 minute

Just typing this makes me tired and awesomely sore!  

Lately, I’ve been researching and compiling my personal training plan!  My mind is on overload.  I have 2 people that are on board already and I haven’t even advertised it yet.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!  In a nutshell, we start our 6 week GET FIT program on MONDAY of course (:  I might make it competition style and have prizes at the end!  I will provide 2 workouts a week, diet plans, and what to do and not to do information.  I’ll be on it too!!

I have lots more on my mind…wishing Halloween were over.  I can only handle so many parties and costumes, and craziness!  However, I am super duper happy that I’m coloring my hair tomorrow!  Happy Halloween to me!!!

I have two options in mind.  Dark with red or dark with caramel.  I’m a little afraid of red because I don’t want it to look fake.  We shall see!  Which one do you like?

1d06108ee140b897d9910d081ffa373f 047774fcac4dee67bdb4741e9fbb5440

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!!  I’ll be back Friday with outfits and new hair.



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