Change your body workout

POR FIN!!!  Wow!  The days have gotten away with me.  Deciding to set up a personal training program and putting everything together has taken all of my time over the last several days!  How happy I am that so many people want to get healthier!  Yesterday I had back to back appointments all day.  I loved it!  I’m excited to help everyone reach their goals!  I KNOW they will!  I’ve set a goal for myself as well and I’ll be following MY OWN plan like I should!  I have two goals.  The first is to get a 6 pack!  Yesterday I took a before picture and I’ll take one each week to track my progress.  The second goal is to hit 128 by my 4-0 b-day!  I’ve got about 6 1/2 weeks.  The program I started for my clients is a 6 week challenge.  We set a goal.  We talked about nutrition.  I’m going to analyze a week of their diet and give them suggestions and ways to clean it up.  I told them everything they should be eating and what they shouldn’t be eating.  We went over my favorite forms of exercise: weight training and HIIT.  I gave them two workouts for the week.  We’ll meet weekly to discuss ways to improve, weigh in’s, and to go over a new workout!  I hope I didn’t overload them too much.  It’s all about consistency, dedication, and learning how to keep NEW habits!  Today I’ll share a KILLER workout that my church class did this morning!  We had a great turnout!  LOVED IT!!!  Sometimes I don’t realize how hard they are until I do them.  I DIED!!


Front raises-15 

Bent over delt raises-15

Upright rows-15

Frog Hops-25


Bicep Curl-15

Arnold Press-15


Curtsy Lunges-25


Tricep Dip-15

Tricep Pushup-15

One Arm Deadlifts-15 each leg

Run 1/4 mile


Step Ups with weight-30

Walking Plank-20




50 Hip Lifts with weight

50 Leg lifts each side

50 backward leg lifts each side

I need to get better about showing a picture of each exercise.  It’s hard to know what it is sometimes.  I’ll get there!  

Here are a few pictures from the last couple days.  Yes, I have new hair.  I’m still not quite used to it but it’s fun for a change.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

So glad Halloween is over!  Way too much work spread out over several weeks for me!!  My FAVORITE holiday is coming up next!  Simple. Family. Food. Beautiful time of year!  

The next picture is one of my recent purchases from Lululemon!!  Way comfy and perfect for this time of year!

securedownload IMG955230The lighting is a little off.  I need a real camera!  Well!  I gotta get going.  On to laundry, dentist appointments, and MORE!!  Have a beautiful day!!  Mix it Up! 

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