Don’t lose it over the holidays!

OK!  I always love this time of year when I flip the calendar over and see DECEMBER!  Every time I wonder where the year went!  I am very goal driven and I start thinking about New Year Resolutions.  I’m going to be very careful what I choose this year so I can actually achieve them!  (: That leads me to a new 3 week goal or countdown to birthday goal.  I’ve mentioned this more than once over the last few months, but this year marks my 40th!  I don’t know why that’s a big deal other than the fact that 40 sounds so much older than 30!  I looked around at the kids the other day at breakfast and told them how much I love this stage in our lives.  I would NOT want to go back to 30 and relive the baby years as much as I LOVED caring for my little ones round the clock!

00018t  This is what I’ll be doing over the next 3 weeks!  I know I’m NOT normal!

  • 6 days a week of Jamie Eason weight workouts.  I’ll probably add a few runs and Zumba too!
  • Weigh myself everyday.  I know that’s lame but I’m back to wanting a number by my birthday.  I’m thinking between 128-130!
  • South Beach Phase 1 for 2 weeks (no grains or fruit).  Maybe I’ll have 1 apple a day (:

That should be all that I hold myself accountable to!  I KNOW I can do this.  I have to remind myself how great I feel when I’m working out hard and eating clean.  I felt so healthy Thanksgiving morning and I slowly declined feeling that way for the duration of the weekend due to crappy eating!  I have lots of projects to keep me busy!  Our carpet is finally in and now I want to go through each room and storage room and clean and dejunk.  I also should do a little Christmas shopping since I have a bit of procrastination tendencies (: For Monday Menu, here are a few things I ate last week!

Breakfast: Egg white omelet, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 apple

Breakfast: Egg white omelet, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 apple

Lunch- SALAD

Lunch- SALAD

Dinner- 2 turkey burgers, broccoli, sweet potato fries

Dinner- 2 turkey burgers, broccoli, sweet potato fries

Over the weekend my daughter showed me a new song I love!  This is One Direction.  Very cute video!

Happy happy Monday!!  Work Hard and Smile (:

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