It’s night time

Well, it’s Wednesday night.  This feels a little bit like a journal entry.  It’s late and I can’t sleep so I’ll write for a few minutes.  I had a busy day of chaperoning 2 field trips today.  The first one was with my 5th grader to the Festival of Trees.  Very fun and tiring.  Amazing and beautiful trees all donated and sold for the benefit of Primary Children’s Hospital.  A great tradition I’ve been attending since I was a kid.  Here’s my group of kids for the day!  Cuties!

securedownload-2 photo 5I had a few hours to regroup until I had to head out again with the youth from church.  We went to the lights on Temple Square and then went up to the 22nd floor of one of the leaders office building and had pizza and hot chocolate.  Great great group of kids!!  It was VERY cold!  Right around 15 degrees!!  Welcome winter (:  Here is my other group of charges!  I love these kids.

photo 2photo 1I’ve hit the teenage years.  It’s hard to go to sleep when my oldest son is studying with a girl and my 13 yr. old daughter wants to tell me every texting conversation she has with her boy and girl friends.  I better get them off to bed and me too.  5:40 comes early each morning!!  This morning I had a hard workout with my 6 am group!!  Lots of reps and sweating.

Drop 10 and Ladders Workout

40-30-20 (Complete 3 rounds of each set going down by 10 reps each round)

 Spiderman Push up

Forward Lunge with kickback

2 Ladders


Shoulder Press

Jackknife Sit Ups

2 Ladders



Hammer Lunges (hammer, standard, reverse)

2 Ladders


Mountain Climbers

Tricep Extension

2 Ladders



 Dumbbell Press 20

Side to Side Pushups 20

One Arm overhead squat 20 each side

Side Lateral Raise 20

Upright Row 20

Tricep Kickbacks 20

Dumbbell Pass Crunch 20

I feel very grateful for my many friends!  I had to take a picture of this small message that caught my eye at the Festival of Trees today!  Very true for those in my life.  I only hope I can be like this for others!  Happy and Merry Merry Christmas Season**    

photo 4 

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