6 weeks of pure discipline

Hello!  Back to the training world.  Today I started a 6 week program with a great group of ladies.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!  I stayed up late putting everything together and then woke up super early to run…in the cold…then it’s been non stop.  It’s good to keep busy.

This past weekend my sweet amazing friend had a little baby girl.  She worked out like no other during her pregnancy.  She had the greatest attitude and kept healthy the whole 9 months.  So sweet!  I don’t get to hold brand new babies too often! LOVE!!

securedownloadsecuredownload-3January is not my favorite month so it’s good life has blasted ahead.  I need to be two people sometimes.  3 kids just started basketball and 3 kids started play practices.  Add my training and much more.  It gets a little crazy.  I’ll be short and sweet today.  Today is MONDAY MENU day and like I tell all my clients, EVERYTHING IS FOOD!!  Consistent exercise and weight training second.  I might give them a treat day once a week…maybe.  Right now, my big food advice is MORE PROTEIN, MORE VEGES!!!  I’m limiting CARBS.  The only carby things allowed are: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice and not that much.  Lots of SALADS and WATER!!!  I’m following the plan as well.  I ate Day 1’s breakfast of 1 egg and 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1/2 apple.


securedownload-2Hold on…I’ll throw in a recipe too.  Cajon Salmon.  Very simple.  Buy frozen atlantic salmon from Costco.  Put fillets in tinfoil.  Drizzle with olive oil and cajon seasoning.  Wrap up and cook in a 500 degree over for 20 minutes!!  YUMM!!  I need to get my family on board with the salmon!

Remember this:




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