Push yourself

Alrighty!  I thought I was in pretty good shape but, I think I have been doing too much of the same kind of workouts.  I used to go to high intensity boot camp classes at Gold’s Gym.  They left me soaked and completely DONE.  Yesterday, I did GRIT plyo for the first time.  It’s a 30 minute HIIT workout.  Holy Hard!  I haven’t felt that way for a long time.  I need to add at least one or two of these classes into my weekly workouts.  I love that they are 30 minutes.  I can run or lift weights FIRST and then do 30 minutes of GRIT.  Here is a clip from youtube about LES MILLS GRIT.

Here is my own weekly workout as well!  We had 4 stations.  We did As Many Rounds As Possible in 5 minutes at each station and we went through all four of them twice.  Then, I had a bonus push at the end.

50 walking lunges with weighted twist

50 jumpropes

50 squats

 40 mountain climbers

40 sit ups

40 push ups

 30 kettle bells

30 step ups

30 tricep dips

 20 burpees

20 side plank with rotation

20 ball pull ins


50 curtsy lunges

2 ladders

50 bicep curls

2 ladders

50 stiff leg deadlifts

2 ladders

50 dumbbell rows

I need to change a few things about my eating and sleeping habits.  I’m not getting enough sleep and I need to cut out the white flour.  I haven’t had much, but I’m not seeing the change I want to see.  I said I was doing a 7 day challenge last week.  I tried to do this Green Smoothie challenge.  It is really hard with a family.  It’s smoothies, soups, and all the vegetables you want with a certain amount of hummus.  I’m a whiner.  I could do it, but it’s hard to make all the food for the kids and then make something different for me.  We are maxed out right now.  I’m too tired for that…I did find an AB challenge I want to do.  This looks crazy intense.  The reps go up throughout the whole month.  I started DAY 1 yesterday!  WHITE FLOUR is OUT too!  Starting as soon as I feel like it (:  J/K

49354a5c2d9bc2d7a21d8b6e4ad67f45I also found this interesting sugar chart.  It has the food listed and how many sugar cubes that would be in that food.  Makes you think twice!


I am SOOOOO happy to say that two of my clients have each lost 5-6 pounds in 10 days.  Yay yay yay!!  They are doing what I say and it’s working.  I couldn’t be happier!  They motivate me to stick with it!  Keep it up!  Have a relaxing weekend.  I’ll be back with a recap of our half marathon weekend!!!


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