Say no to processed foods and sugar

Good morning!  Life is good.  We just had 2 good days off school.  One day I took the kids ice skating and the other day we went to Get Air.  However, I’m an orderly person and it was nice to send them off to school again!  I loved skating and realized we need to go more often!


Today I will post a super sweaty workout we did this morning at 6 a.m. AND a little word about my food challenge.  Several people are interested and I need to clarify a few things!  The MAIN goal of the challenge is to get rid of processed foods and sugar.  This is not LOW CARB.  You will be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Here is the list of what you CAN eat: fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, lean meats, soups, salads, legumes, nuts, almond milk, eggs.  You can also eat some dairy.  Plain yogurt or cottage cheese are best.  I’m o.k. with adding a little stevia to plain yogurt and berries.  This is what you CANNOT eat (: Breads of any kind, grains (except for a small amount that I’ll get to next), sugar (Check labels.  Don’t eat anything with more than 6 grams per serving), cereal.  I am allowing ONE small grain option ONCE a day.  You can either have 1/2 c oatmeal, 1/2 c brown rice or quinoa, or 2 protein balls.  Also, if you’d like 1 sugar free food a day you can.  That would include a diet soda, sugar free pudding, sugar free jello, or sugar free popsicle.  Sound easy enough?

To keep us motivated and challenged, everyone puts in $50.00.  The person that goes the longest WINS the pot!  We have no days off and no ending.  I told them we’d stop as soon as all my clothes fall off or I win (: whichever comes first!  We have some serious competitors in my circle of friends.  It’s going to be awesome!!  I’ll send this email out today and we’ll officially start tomorrow!!  Any questions?  Let me know!

K!!  WOD was great!  I set my timer for 2:00 minutes.  4 rounds.  We pretty much went round the clock with no breaks for 8 minutes at each set of 3 exercises.  Then we did all the exercises again in circuit form and completed two times.  We finished with butt lifts with a weight at the knee.  Like this:


2 Minute rounds


10 frog hops

10 over head press

10 step ups


10 jump squats

10 burpees

10 curtsy lunges


10 mountain climbers

10 sit ups

10 biceps


 20 frog hops

20 over head press

20 step ups

20 jump squats

20 burpees

20 curtsy lunges

20 mountain climbers

20 sit ups

20 biceps


butt lifts

This is a great time of year to take charge of your health, lose weight, and feel better!  We won’t have to do anything come Spring time cuz we’ll already be there!!!  Stick with it!


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