I think you shine the brightest!

Oh!  Happy Friday!  I think I’d like to play games with the kids this weekend!  We’re all busy and we need to sit down and relax!!  I’m lovin’ my healthy eating challenge. I was running with my friends the other morning and one of our friends is going to be the official “manager”.  She said I could weigh in with her every week.  We came up with a 3 strikes you’re out policy since my friend needs to ease up on the strictness for a trip to Florida.  Geez…really? (:  I’m excited to see what I can do.  I’m officially on Day 2!  I’ve been doing my AB challenge every night as well and it’s getting kinda hard.  One thing I have to deal with when I eat real healthy is I’m colder?  Weird.  I don’t know why.  I carry the space heater around with me most of the day!  O.K.  Friday outfit of the day is nothing fancy.  I don’t have a workout outfit again.  I’d like to do another split progress photo but I had to take a break from that because I pulled a muscle showing off my flexibility skills.  I’m not a spring chicken anymore!  I love jeans and mostly wear them everywhere I go.  These are some of my favorites!  The brand is MEK.  I think that’s a Buckle brand.

securedownload I haven’t weighed myself for awhile.  I don’t know why except I’m worried it isn’t where I want it to be.  I’m going to give this challenge one week and then I’ll weigh in.  Today for lunch I made a delishioso salad.  It took a few minutes to put together.  Butter lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, crab salad, and a little bit of dressing.  Yum!

securedownload-1I need to go visit my parents too.  I’m glad they live so close.  I might take them to see Saving Mr. Banks this weekend.  I loved that movie.  Have a beautiful weekend and remember Spring is getting closer with each day!  Here is a little artwork message from my sweet sister!


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