Eat clean, all over body workout, and fun fashion

One week into my healthy eating.  I weighed in at 133 today.  I feel pretty good about that!  I’ll keep at it.  I don’t feel hungry and cravings are small.  Here is my eating advice:  Make dinner.  This week I made stir fry and turkey burgers, which the kids don’t really like so I have lots of left overs for me!  I snack on veggies and hummus.  I have an apple and a protein bar every day.  At night if I’m hungry I make a protein shake.  I fill a tall glass of half soy or almond milk and half water and add one scoop of casein protein powder and blend it up with my handy dandy hand blender.  It’s yummy and fills me up!  My clients are doing well!!  I’m happy when they stick with the diet and exercise plan and they start seeing  results.


I’m committed to my marathon training so my friend and I took off on a snowy run this morning.  I’ve been trying to run 4 days a week.  Some of them end up on the treadmill at the gym.  I can only handle about 5 miles on a treadmill!  My workout at the church was stellar this week!  We had a great group and I think we were all pretty much trashed at the end.  Mission Accomplished!

We did a trio of exercises.  Each one for a minute for 3 rounds.  Then we alternated switch lunges or walking lunges.  We finished with abs at the end.  1 hour workout DONE!

0001POSo today is a little bit of everything!  I’ve got two outfits to share.  A Sunday outfit with my little girl and my birthday present outfit from my friends.  Love LULU!!

securedownload-1 securedownloadKeep working hard!  Be happy!


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