February is here

It’s a new month.  2nd month of the year.  Time to revisit my goals!!  My weight is at 133.  That will be goin’ down this week!  Here’s the grand list:

1-No candy-Perfect!!  A

2-Treat day once a week.  A- I had a couple extra at the first of the month, but the last 2 weeks of the month I’ve had none.

3-Weigh once a week.  A Yes.  And for sure now with my new challenge.  Thursday is weigh day.

4-Measurements once a month.  Yes.  I did them again at the end of January.  My waist went down an inch and the rest stayed the same.  

My spiritual goals were good too.  I need to work on the eating out budget and one less movie a month.  Reading with my Darci improved, but I need to be better.  I’m hangin’ in there.

My friendly rivalry between my friends is going to be interesting.  We ran 12 miles on Saturday and were discussing the challenge.  One of my friends was placing her bets on one of us (it wasn’t me) and I told her that she just gave me the biggest motivation.  When someone tells me I can’t do something…I kick it up 10 notches and resolve to NOT FAIL (:  I’m doin’ just fine with less crap and more healthy food!

We had a crazy busy week last week with my daughter’s ballet recitals.  I got thinking about some old ballet pictures of ME!!  Here’s one from MANY years ago.  I thought this costume was the BOMB!!  Boy, have they come a LONG way!


And another picture of me with FLOWERS from my Grandpa’s funeral.  I miss them this time of year!  I’m about six years old in both these pictures.

47a1d600b3127cce9854fed3a26300000045100AcMnLhkzbNWPgMonday is my day for FOOD talk but I don’t have anything to say about that!  I did legs this morning and I’m tired.  I’ll get busy with the housework!  I will share a song of the day that made me cry buckets yesterday at church.  One of my favorite songs.  I know that my Savior loves me.  Have a beautiful day!

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