Full body love

Today was a run day.  I love running, but marathon training is a little more than I like, especially in the dead of winter!  I can’t quite figure out when or where I’ll be running 13 miles this weekend!  I ran 6 on the treadmill this morning.  Yesterday was such a great girlfriend workout.  It was a huge group and everyone was dying (:  My abs, legs, and arms are sore today.  Success.  This is a classic favorite of mine!

WARM UP-  20 rounds of tabata planks.  Hold the plank for 20 seconds and rest 10.  Do this 20 times!  It takes 10 minutes.

WORK OUT-4 SETS of 2 exercises.  Start with 50 reps of the first exercise and immediately go to 10 reps of the second.  Then do 40 of the 1st and 20 of the second and so on until you reverse it to 10 reps of the 1st exercise and 50 of the second.  

1-Air Squats and Overhead Press

2-Step ups with weight and Push Ups

3-Stiff leg deadlifts and Tricep dips

4-Scissor jump lunges and full sit ups

That’s a lot of reps.  We were spent!  I’m trying to clean up and organize my computer and folders and found this great saying for today’s speech!  Good advice.  I love training and giving people hope!

602129_445571315512667_233800067_nA happy part of today is that it’s my brother’s birthday!!!  We were always close…that is AFTER the younger years when we beat each other up.  He’s in Georgia and I don’t see him, but he always makes me happy!!!  Here we are every 20 years of my long life (:

47a1d600b3127cce9854f9a6e28d00000045100AcMnLhkzbNWPg Scan securedownload4Keep smiling and eating healthy.  Find ways to be happy every day!  I’m excited for the Olympics to start and hopefully I’ll find some moments to watch a few events!  On to help my last child get out the door today!  Work Hard!!


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