8 Tried and true weight loss supplements

Well hello there!!!  I’m a little bit slow today!  I tried to run this morning and woke up to a rain storm.  I should have ran anyway because now I don’t feel like exercising…I know that is VERY rare for me.  This might be a BYE day.  I have two kids that say they’re sick and one other wanting me to pick him up in 20 minutes…looks like a BYE day for everyone!

Food and supplement talk today!  I bought these at bodybuilding.com, Max Muscle, Costco, and local nutrition stores.  Here you go!  The BEST!

0001Zq00012QSounds like the perfect miracle remedies!  Of course, real food is what is most important but I do believe all of these help too!!

I struggled this weekend with stickin’ to my nutrition challenge.  We went to a Jazz game, saw a movie, had dinner at a friends, and my Mom made my favorite sugar cookies.  Difficulty in all directions.  I survived and did not cave!  I took a couple pictures of some crazy combinations that I’ve been eating lately.  It’s weird when this looks sooo good to me!

securedownload securedownload-2The top picture is sweet potato, hard boiled egg, veggies, and the inside of an enchilada!  The bottom picture is veggies with a yogurt artichoke dip, celery with PB and laughing cow cheese, and my favorite apple!  I’m hungry and need to go make lunch!

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