Gluten free yumminess!

HELLO!  I have 3 delishioso recipes to share today!  We had a fabulous weekend.  We went to the Utah Red Rocks gymnastics meet.  Always fun!  I cooked and baked A LOT!!!  I made 3 gluten free recipes for a party we had yesterday.  I also made a batch of sugar cookies and donuts  for the kids!!  I’ve decided that cooking makes me happy!  Cleaning and exercising are right up there too!  All good things!  Here are the recipes:

1-Grain-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites (That is long!) (

securedownload2-Black Bean Brownies (Chocolate Covered Katie)

black-bean-brownies 0001nH3-Shannon’s Protein Salad (

0001CMI used quinoa instead of couscous on the protein salad to make it gluten-free.  Other things of adventure going on in my life.  I went to the dentist today for my tooth.  Sad but true, I need a root canal.  So!  After 3 appointments and another week and 1/2 I can check that off my bucket list.  My head is aching today!  I get to go back tomorrow too!  This morning was a great 8 mile run!  My long-er run this week will be 16 on Friday and then…we are heading to Disneyland!!  Yay!!!  I’m excited to read books, explore the parks with the kids, and even the drive sounds relaxing.  Slowing down is always a PLUS!!!

Keep on eating healthy, drinking water, running, and smiling!  Zumba might be calling my name tonight if I can get my head ache under control!!  Have a wonderful and happy week!!!

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