Disneyland and a recommitment to WEIGHTS

Hello!!  Happy day after Disneyland vacation!  WOW!!  I still feel like I’m in a whirlwind.  We left on Friday to drive to Disneyland.  Spent the night at the half way point and then woke up at 5:30 a.m. to drive the rest of the way.  We hit the park ALL day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!!  I am beat.  Saturday and Sunday were rainy days.  We were prepared and it was so much better because the crowds were probably half of what they normally are.  Here are my fabulous pictures.  We love our great friends so much!!

Holy Ghirardelli store!

Holy Ghirardelli store!

Sunny day in Bugs Life land!

Sunny day in Bugs Life land!

We love legos!

We love legos!

My Princesses!

My Princesses!

Cars Land!  My FAV!

Cars Land! My FAV!

Highlights of the trip: Music everywhere you go. Cars Land, especially the ride Radiator Springs.  Amazing!  Space Mountain.  Splash Mountain.  California Screamin’.  Hollywood Tower of Terror. The lights at night.  Watching the kids, especially my youngest.  Ghirardelli chocolate store.  Yes, I totally love chocolate!  Churros dipped in chocolate.  Everything!!!

The absolute funniest though and the final note of our trip was during the drive home.  We caravanned with my friend.  She was driving solo with the kids because her husband stayed in California for work.  We stopped plenty of times for potty breaks, gas, food, barfing…TWICE.  Near the end of our journey home at about 9:00 p.m. on a stretch of nothingness road, her 6 year old daughter threw up for the second time in the car.  So, on the side of a deserted off ramp, my friend completely lost it with hysterical laughing.  My husband and I helped her clean up the car and her daughter and soon we were literally rolling with tears on the ground.  I LOVE that in a stressful situation she could LAUGH!!  Sometimes that is all you can do.  Between dry heaving and laughter we finished our road trip safely and happily!  (No, I didn’t take any pictures of the situation!)  Thinking of this will always bring a smile to my face (:

To fulfill my workout Wednesday post, I have a few words about exercise!!  Naturally when my friend and I get together we eat too much (:  So, we devise a plan to stay healthy!  I’m back to my WEIGHTS!  I found a girl that transformed her body with Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program.

znajdziecie-ja-na-fbsarah-e-evans-lI have followed it several times, but never completely consistently.  So, starting TODAY we are officially ON again.  DAY 1.  I even took before pictures that will probably never be seen on the world wide web.  12 weeks of Weight training or bust!


I need to finish this post and get back to my 10th load of laundry!  I’ll give more details about this AWESOME plan SOON!!!  Keep at it and don’t give up!!


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