Trail running at it’s BEST!!

Happy Spring!  I am back after another WEEK again!  Geez!  This will be a catch up post with lots of pictures!!  I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. The school play was especially time consuming.  Add my personal training and my own training for Boston and loads of day to day “to do’s” and I about fall apart.  ABOUT is the key word!  Never will I really fall apart (:  Mostly, I want to talk about the 16 (close to 17) mile trail run we did on Saturday.  It was at Antelope Island.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  Here are some pics!  We started out on the chilly, windy side, but right away the sun came out and the weather couldn’t have been better!



securedownload securedownload-4 securedownload-3This is definitely a keeper and a tradition with my friends.  The feel of this run is so different than other races.  Everyone is a little more rustic and they all absolutely LOVE running, especially outdoors and on the trails.  Super friendly, super fit, and super happy people!!  I felt great!  We didn’t run together, which was fine.  I enjoyed the semi alone time with many other runners and the views were breathtaking.  The trail was very much up and down and over sand, rocks, and dirt.  Switch backs, uphills,and downhills too.  I love this elevation chart!!  And I especially love the HIGH I feel after running something like this.  My body and mind were shot from a crazy few weeks and I kept telling myself that the human body is amazing and can surpass what we think we can do…ALWAYS!  The post race buffalo stew certainly hit the spot too!


Just to throw a few stats out there!  I am now 40 and I move up to the next GREAT age bracket.  My time was 2:49.  About 10 minutes faster than last year.  I was 6th in my age group (would have been 15th in the “OLD” age group) and 82nd overall out of 300.  I’m good with that!

Well!  We have Spring Break this weekend and many other FUN and much needed events coming up!  I do have 2 fashion pictures to share.  First outfit: lunch date with my friends.  Second outfit: Me and my son!  He had on a new suit yesterday and wanted a picture with me.  Ohhhh…how I could eat him up!!!  He’s getting so BIG!

securedownload securedownloadTime to go!  I need to make some turkey meatballs for a lunch I’m hosting today.  Have a beautiful DAY!!  Work Hard!!


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