What is the most OPTIMAL fitness solution?

My posts have been random lately.  LIfe is good!  This morning I taught my 5:15 training class at my house.  So fun!  I don’t know if my friends would say that!  It’s been super cold here and I have a back door that I keep open to cool them off.  However, I don’t move enough to stay warm and while they are taking breaks running the stairs outside, I’m shivering and it takes me forever to warm up.  Oh!  Sad life I know (:  I am counting down the hours till I’ll be on this beautiful beach in Naples, FL!  Sun is like water to me!  3 miles of pristine beaches.

Ritz_Naples_00169_920x518OK!!  We had a marvelous Spring Break!  Short and sweet!  Full of GOOD food, laughs, games, movies, hot tubs, and more.  Here is a pic. of the girls in beautiful Heber.  If it wasn’t such a cold place, I could live there!


I’m notorious for falling off the healthy eating wagon when I go on trips.  I guess I’m normal?  No big deal!  I started following Eat to Live this week and it’s going well.  This is what I had for dinner yesterday!

securedownload-4A simple salad with black beans and Butternut squash and apple soup.  I admit I made my kids chicken enchiladas and made myself something else.  I hate to do that, but now I have 5-6 more servings of soup to eat for the rest of the week!  A friend of mine asked me today about losing weight.  She was frustrated because she says she’s been working out every day for 2 weeks and eating healthy.  She’s not seeing results.  She’s tired, hungry, and discouraged.  I think everyone can relate.  The fitness industry is HUGE!!!  One person will tell you one thing and the next person will tell you the exact opposite.  I think she’s probably not eating enough.  I’m going to give her a nutrition plan and exercise program for 3 weeks and tell her to follow it to a T and then we’ll evaluate.  I’ll post that SOON!!!

I do want to share 3 HIIT exercises.  I think the majority of people are not working out in the most effective way.  I LOVED this article about high intensity interval training.  CLICK HERE to read!  This leads me to my schpill on marathons (:  I love running.  BUT…training for a marathon is NOT when I feel at my optimal fittest self!  My endurance is strong and my heart and lungs, but my body is weak.  I usually am up 5 lbs.  I’m more tired and more hungry.  I stress a little which leads to bad eating choices.  Starting on Monday, April 28th I’m going back to 6 straight weeks of Jamie Eason and I’m contemplating hiring a personal trainer for myself.  I figure it would be added training for my own business.  Weight lifting and HIIT coupled with clean eating will give you more happiness, energy and a rockin’ bod!!  Optimal Fitness.

I’m writing too much!!!  Here are the 3 HIIT workouts from the article.

0001baLastly, a cute pic. of me and my shadow.  Outfit of the day from Sundance Catalog Outlet.  My husband picked this one out!  Keep moving and smiling!  Check out my instagram under hollsfitlife.  Simple recipe and workout posts.  Have a great day!



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