What to do a week before a marathon

We made it back from sunny Florida!  It was beautiful!  So nice to get away and only think about my workout, what to eat, if I wanted to go to the beach or pool, spa appointments…we were spoiled!  And when we returned, we literally hit the ground running.  I went straight to the junior high to pick up my daughter from cheer tryout AND she made it!!  She’s been on cloud 900!  My husband went straight to coaching at the ball field.  I have a few minutes to write and then I want to dig into laundry, housework, and grocery shopping.  Welcome Home!!

I didn’t take too many pics.  Here are a few.  I kept thinking how much my kids would have LOVED the beach!

securedownload-3 securedownloadWhile on the trip, I was able to read a couple books and my Runner’s World magazine.  This last issue was all about Boston.  They estimate 1 million spectators and 36,000 runners.  I cannot imagine that!  What a privilege for me.  This is what I will be thinking and doing during my last week before my race of a lifetime!

Number one on my list is SLEEP!  I’ll still exercise everyday, probably classes at the gym.  I’ll run 3-4 miles 3 times.  I’ll eat what I normally eat and cut out all the stuff I shouldn’t eat. As for my thoughts…CONFIDENCE.  Believe.  Determination.  Endurance.  Calm.  Relax.  Athlete.  Runner.  Patience.  Enjoy.  Smile.

I need to get out and work in my yard before the sun goes down.  Easter egg hunt on Monday!!  Enjoy life and be positive!  Happy Running.  Cherish. (:


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