6 Triple set killers

Happy Workout Day!!  This morning I was up with my 5 am crew.  And I didn’t sleep well…arghh…I’m not following my need for sleep this week!  I will be taking a nap today (: I put together some of my favorite exercises that I did on my trip in Florida.  I was so sore!  This is pretty intense and takes about an hour with little breaks.  All over body love!


Well!  I’m counting down the days till my marathon!  My cute little kids were asking questions about the race. They understand what happened a year ago and that this is a pretty big deal.  They were acting a little nervous and so I asked them if they were worried about me and they said they were.  Oh!  That hurt my heart a little.  I tried to explain to them how I’d be fine and that everything will be more secure this year.  My cute 11 year old wants to wear his Boston Red Sox t-shirt on Monday.  I’m also meeting up with a childhood friend that lives in Boston.  It’ll be great to know someone who lives there and to reconnect.  It’s amazing how you can always turn to dear long time friends no matter how much time has passed.

I’ve been trying to decide what apparel memorabilia I need to purchase from this experience (:  I guess every year Boston has a color theme.  This year it’s orange and blue.  The most popular thing to buy is the jacket.  I guess everyone buys them yet many of my friends bought them and never wear it.  I saw this cute hoodie that I think I’d rather have!

D80170_01 D87121_01  That’ll probably be it.  I’m also questioning these cuties too!  We’ll see!

D87129_01 D87165_01 D87137_01I’ve been watching the weather and as of today, the forecast is 57 for the high and 44 for the low.  PERFECT!  My friends were teasing me yesterday about putting up a sign proclaiming my race in Boston.  They kept going with the idea and said they’d put it in a high traffic area and find some swimsuit shot of me.  I know they WON’T do that really (: We were laughing so hard as my face turned red from embarrassment!  I like being low profile, sorta.

O.K.  lastly and totally unrelated but not really.  Tonight we’re going to Il Divo.  I’ve found out that most people haven’t heard of them!  Jaw drop!  Amazing and most beautiful voices.  Here is one of my latest favs of theirs.  This is sung with Michael Ball who is incredible too.  Maybe it will be on my marathon playlist!  Enjoy and be happy for Spring time!!  Summer can’t come fast enough for me!



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