Once in a lifetime…Boston


Happy Friday and Happy Spectacular Boston Marathon!  What a wonderful trip that will go down in my all time favorite memory book!  Once again I feel blessed and extremely privileged!  Words cannot describe the feelings, energy, support, excitement, resilience, and emotions that surrounded this year’s race.


Last Fall, 10,000 daffodil bulbs were planted along the race course and the logo BOSTON STRONG was worn, waved, and shouted out by thousands.  I read scriptures on t-shirts and many others that said praying for you from start to finish.  The people were genuinely proud, grateful, helpful, and so very thrilled and amazed that we came to Boston to run!  Talk about an emotional run!  I kept a journal throughout the trip and wrote in it each night.  I think I’ll summarize a few of my thoughts from the night of my run!!

“A day to go down in history for me.  Today I ran the Boston Marathon.  So many thoughts were going through my head during the race.  Several times I’d look around and ahead of me and say to myself, I am running the Boston Marathon!  How the heck did I get here?  It was the perfect race day.  Everything went smoothly as I’d hoped.  Rob drove me and a couple friends to Hopkinton-the race start.  I think we walked 2 miles before the race even started.  I was in wave 3 that started at 11:00 a.m.  I ran by myself with one ear phone in.  I wrote my name on my arm and everyone cheers your name as you run.  The scenery was beautiful-my favorite!  Quaint trees and old New England charm.  The crowds were unbelievable and the feeling of hope, resilience, and strength from last year’s event was felt everywhere.  Signs, t-shirts, shout outs, music, crazy people, high fives.  Fans handing out oranges, licorice, and drinks.  The noise was unreal.  The course was small hills the whole way.  Not easy!  The time went by fast but it was probably my slowest marathon and I didn’t care.  I loved all the stuff they gave us.  I’m really proud of course and will cherish all my memorabilia.  Boston Strong was the theme and cute Julie gave me a card and a sweatshirt at the end that said that!  I love Boston.  I feel it has a very special place in my heart now.  I loved running through all the beautiful towns-Wellesley College, Boston College were so fun and the last 3 miles into Boston…incredible.  I was dying!  My legs almost cramped up.  I was worried but I made it over the line!  We had to walk through the finisher’s shoot forever and only water was handed out for awhile.  Near the family meeting area where I met Rob they finally gave me a banana and a protein bar.  That made me feel so much better!  After a little recovery, we met Julie and Ronnie.  They have been so much fun to be with.  We took the train back to a parking lot and drove to Julie’s.  I showered up and they took us to dinner at a local restaurant by them.  It’s been so good to catch up and reminisce.  We made it back to our hotel by Laurie at 11:00 p.m.  I feel so good, accomplished, and wasted!”

So, there you have it!!  Mostly unedited thoughts from Boston.  This post is getting so long that I think I’ll break it up and talk about the latter part of the trip tomorrow!  I’m still on cloud 9!  Loved it all!


securedownload-9 securedownloadI cannot forget one last thing!  2 days before I was to fly out, my bestest friends secretly made a sweet sticker to put on my car!

securedownloadIt’s huge and so sweet of them to think of me!!  I thought of my friends and wished they were with me running the streets of Boston!  So many friends and family gave me well wishes and congratulations!  Blessed.  Grateful.  Love.

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