Happy May! Make new goals!

Happy MAY MAY MAY!  Today was beautiful!  May and June are my favorite months of the year.

securedownload-3I love the ANTICIPATION of summer.  To anticipate something has to be one of the best feelings!  As I start my new healthy challenge I want to add a few EXTRAS to the mix!!

  1. Spend Less.  No more extra treats, food, and fun buying.  How boring and strict of me!
  2. Read the book WONDER to my kids each night.  My Mom is raving about this book and says every 5th grade boy needs to read it!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done this!
  3. wonder_socialmediaimage_2Work in my yard for an hour 3-5 days a week.  We’re getting ready to re-landscape the front of our house.  I’m looking forward to designing my flower bed, planting pots and hanging baskets.  I’ll be posting pics!

Today I took my two littles and friends downtown to look at all the flowers.  We had a great time!  I took lots of pictures.  I know I should be a photographer (:  I’ll fill you in on new workouts and healthy eating habits on Monday.  I need to cut sugar out of my life forever. That’s all I can say!  I’m exhausted.  Kids were all over today.  Have a wonderful and happy weekend!!

securedownload-4 securedownload-5 securedownload-6 securedownload securedownload-7


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