It’s all about the FOOD!

Happy FOOD day!  I am officially on DAY 3 of my healthy challenge and I feel freakin’ awesome.  That sounds lame but I feel great for two reasons. One, because eating good food makes you feel better DUH?! and two, because I feel good about myself for stickin’ to the plan!  Today, I thought I’d talk about random things that I’ll be eating over the next 8 weeks. This is what we bought at Costco today: strawberries, pears, peppers, and this awesome veggie mix:


I also bought a rotisserie chicken, hummus, shrimp, carrots, deli meat (that’s not really the greatest choice), and this cool lookin’ vegan dish!  I tried it already.  So yummy!

securedownload-6I think that’s all of the GOOD things I bought.  I’ve been keeping a mental note in my head today of what I ate.  Sometimes healthiness can get a little boring so here are a few ideas:

BREAKFAST: I cooked up this Steel Cut Oats recipe on Sunday and saved half of it.  This morning, all I did was add a little almond milk and heated it up!


LUNCH:  1/2 a Veggie and Grain bowl, 5 shrimp, 1/2 c honey dew.  I was still hungry so I had a small bowl of wheat chex with almond milk.

SNACKS:  While playing UNO today I snacked on veggies and hummus and ate a hard boiled egg.  I also had a couple handfuls of lite air popped kettlecorn.  If I’m craving something sweet or salty and crunchy, I eat 1/2 protein bar and 6 cashews.

securedownload DINNER:  After a baseball game tonight (I’ll pack a bag of carrots to munch on) I’m going to stir fry up some of my kale and red chard super foods with a little rotisserie chicken!  That will be all for the night.  If I need an extra snack I LOVE these probiotic healthy ice cream bars or a casein protein shake!

pGNC1-5837106dt caramelBox

Today on my run I could feel that I had more energy although right now I’m utterly exhausted, but I will keep going…

Wednesday I’ll talk about my workouts for the week.  To end this beautiful day, here’s a song I’ve been hearing lately that I like to crank up and listen to with the windows down!

That’s all for now.  Gotta get to a game.  EAT ON!


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