Meals, Moves, and a Movie!

Hello!  I’m back from a very memorable vacation.  School was out last Friday.  Monday we headed down to St. George for the 1st annual GIRL TRIP!  I took these 4 cuties:

securedownload-1We had the BEST time with an array of activities and emotions.  I’ll sum up the trip in a few words: Taylor Swift, laughing, crying, dancing, swimming, food, ice cream, movies, hiking, picture taking, boy craziness, heat, and adventure!!  We definitely bonded and would love to do this all over again!  As much as I love St. George for the blessed heat and beautiful red rocks, I love coming home and seeing the green trees and my flowers blooming like crazy.  Here are a few pics:

securedownload securedownload-2 securedownload-2My favorite outing was to a new place that’s really an old place!  About 15 miles outside of St. George is a natural springs pool in a city called Veyo.  I love to find hidden local favorites!  This place is an oasis!  We drove off the main road and then down a hill into a canyon of green trees, black rock, and a creek.  The bluest and clearest pool was situated underneath the trees and rocks.  A zip line was above us connecting two rock mountains.  I was told they drain the water and refill it every day.  It was the perfect cool temperature when it’s 100 degrees outside!  Definitely a new stop we’re going to have to hit on our future St. George trips!  We spent about 3 hours there and worked hard on our tans!  I was also told the BEST pie shop is close by too.  I’ll have to scout that one out next time.

As usual, I caved into a little bit of vacation food!  I was good for two of the days and not so good on the last two days.  Let’s just say the road trip home involved diet coke, kettle corn, ice cream, and Mc Donald’s.  I thought I was getting the flu as I went to bed last night!  New goal for me will be to have NO TREATS until my son’s 16th birthday which is in 19 days!  It will make his special day all the better!  I should say MY day all the better.  I’m more excited for him than he is!  To keep me motivated, I’m going to try a few recipe ideas from my favorite healthy Instagram friends.  Look them up!!

purefitpurefood and saraheevans_livingfitnclean

I love them!  They post delicious healthy food and amazing workouts!  Summer is actually the hardest time for me to stay on the healthy eating wagon.  Weird of course!  It doesn’t help when I get an email from my sister that says, “I just wanted to announce to everybody that I booked my plane tickets!  Everyone plan on going off your diets and eating all the yummy treats in town!”  Yes, this sugar fettish of mine is inherited!

Another way for me to stay FIT minded is to mix up my workouts!  Next week I’m going to try a new weight and cardio schedule.

Monday and Thursday-Chest, back, lats, and legs.

Tuesday and Friday-Tricep, bicep, abs, and legs.

Wednesday and Saturday-Traps, shoulders, abs.

Sounds like I’m going to die!  I’ll throw in running and Zumba too (:  My weeks are pretty choppy this summer with camps, Ragnar, and friend trips.  I think next week is my only full week of relative calmness for awhile.  I’ll let you know how this goes at the end of next week!

Also, here’s an ab workout I pinned on Pinterest last week that everyone keeps repinning.  I haven’t tried it, but I will!


Lastly, a movie to see!  I took the girls to MALEFICENT on our trip.  New favorite movie!  It wasn’t what I expected.  I’m not an Angelina Jolie fan and she was phenomenal.  I need to see it again!  When I love a movie, I want to go see it again with everyone I know who hasn’t seen it.  My boys saw it at home too and loved it just as much!  Worth the money!

Maleficent fan made poster Peter GilbertWell, I need to get busy!  Next on my list is getting my son ready for a high adventure camp, planning a girl’s camp, and helping my daughter with her student’s dance recital!  Make it a GREAT day.  Be (:


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