3 days of healthy eating

Hello again!  Today I’m talking food.  This week I diligently kept a food dairy.  It keeps me in check.  Quote of the day that I’m always ranting about!


Here are a few sample days for me.  I didn’t really write portions.  Think medium to small and I always stop eating between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. and drink lots of water.


Breakfast-Tropical colada smoothie

Snack-1/2 apple

Lunch-1 egg/4 egg white omelet with veggies, laughing cow cheese, and ham, small salad.

Snack-6 almonds, quest bar

Dinner-Stirfry (brown rice, veggies, and chicken), 15 grapes, and a low carb ice cream bar.


Pre workout-1/2 protein bar and C4 drink

Post workout-muscle milk

Breakfast-tofu whole wheat pancakes with blueberries

Snacks and Lunch-Veggies and hummus, emerge drink, quest bar, 5 cashews, 4 apple slices with 1/2 T peanut butter, 5 bites of Will’s lasagna

Dinner-Party food (chicken salad with lettuce, coleslaw, fruit, chicken and veggie shish kabob.

DAY 3 

Pre workout-1/2 protein bar

Post workout-muscle milk

Breakfast-Spinach, peanut butter and banana protein smoothie

Lunch-1 1/2 wheat roll, veggies, lettuce, chicken, low carb ice cream

Snack-1/2 luna bar

Dinner-broccoli, 1/2 c cottage cheese, sweet potato, 1 wheat roll


That was exciting I know!!  This will be short because I haven’t eaten much today and now I’m hungry!  My daughter put on a dance recital today for a class she teaches to 11 little girls.  We tried to make it really nice and professional.  She did a great job!  This has been a busy cooking and baking week for me.  Tonight and tomorrow we have family dinners and with the recital and various other activities, I tallied up making 4 desserts and 3 different kinds of salads, and a batch of homemade rolls.  Whew!  I can’t eat if all I do is cook!  I admit today I snitched and had one cookie and 1 peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treat at the dance recital.  I’m counting that as lunch (:

Today while I was making a potato salad I thought of a picture I took when I was very young and newly married.  I was so proud of myself for making my first potato salad!  I still make this recipe that was passed down from my Grandma and it’s the only potato salad I’ll eat!  The best ever!  I’ll post the recipe on Monday even though it’s not super duper healthy.  At least it’s homemade!

ScanAnd the fashion photo of the week was last Sunday with my cutie pie!

Skirt-J Crew

Top-Banana Republic


securedownloadGotta go!  Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!  So grateful!  Next on my list is preparing for Girl’s Camp.  Yippee!

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