Kill it Monday workout and RAGNAR

Hello!  I have survived another sleepless weekend!!  I ran my first Ragnar race.  We ran the Wasatch Back from Logan to Park City.  It was an experience!  We were pretty lucky being in Van 1.  Crazy huge event!!  I was super lucky to run one of my legs during sunrise and the other during sunset.  Favorite times of the day!!  Overall, we had a great time.  Loved my friends and the laughs and fun.  Some of us felt very and slightly sick, but for the most part we stayed strong.  Everyone loved our RAGDOLL team and cute sparkly skirts.  Here is a collection of pictures from the event!

0001Qp 0001Zh

I was SUPER tired Saturday night and most of Sunday.  I felt great this morning and ended up following a HARD workout.  Just what I love for Monday!!  This is what I did at the gym!  It was hard and I was sweating.  I had to cruise to get this in under an hour!  And then, I wanted to get a 4 mile run in while my kids went to piano.  I’ve been using my Garmin lately and it’s been a fun added challenge to try and keep under a certain pace or run a distance faster than normal.  I felt worked after all that!


Tricep Pullovers

Decline Pushups

Smith Machine Squats

Hamstring Leg Curl

Bent Over Barbell Row


Bench Press

Pull Ups

Step Ups With Weights

One Legged Squats


Pushups to Side Plank

Kettlebell Swing


Dumbbell Flys


Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

Renegade Dumbbell Rows

During my run, something must have been in the air because I was sneezing and runny nosing for most of the day!  Later in the evening my daughter and I had a date and went to see A Fault In Our Stars.  My allergies went along well with the movie.  Puffy and crying eyes and a runny nose.  We had a fun time!

I’ll end with two beautiful songs from the movie.  So pretty!  (:

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