3 tips for losing weight

One week into July!  I’m back from another weekend getaway!  This has been the third sleepless weekend in a row for me.  We had a wonderful time and I’m not complaining!  We went to a beautiful cabin in the mountains with two other families.  14 kids between us!  We were amazed at how well everyone got along.  We played all day and all night!  We went to the rodeo, boating at the lake, polaris riding, game playing, and food making!  Here is my collage of the trip!  One of my friends had a nicer camera and was snapping many other pictures.  I’ll have to post some of those later!



One morning a few of us woke up and went on a “walk”.  I’m changing that to hike now!  It ended up being 2 hours of up and down all over the mountain!  We had a song from the trip too.  We listened to this one on the boat and all the kids loved it.

Now I’m back to reality and mounds of laundry.  I’m ready to hit the exercise hard and eat CLEAN!!!  Part of my nutrition plan and a way to eliminate sugar from my diet is to have 4 treat days in July, 3 in August, 2 in September, and 1 in October!!  Easy Peasy!

I’ll end with my best Monday advice!!!

  1. Workout first thing in the morning.  Especially if you are busy or tired.  I think that means everyone!  You’re more likely to get it done.  One of my friends wants to get stronger and exercise more.  She doesn’t do much of anything right now.  I told her to STRENGTH TRAIN 3 times a week and do CARDIO 2-3 times a week.  Her strength training should include UPPER, LOWER, AND CORE.  This will be part of my beginner training program that I really need to get working on.  August 1st is when my training starts again!
  2. Prepare food once a week.  This includes shopping.  Load up on fruit and veggies.  Cut up veggies, cook meat, and have brown rice or quinoa cooked.  Keep the fridge stocked with healthy food.  This can be difficult in the summer with so much coming and going and random schedules.  
  3. Limit high sugar foods and processed foods.  This includes chips, baked goods, candy, frozen processed stuff etc…  Try to eat foods as close to their most natural state as possible.  Drink lots of water too!!!

I’m thirsty now and need to get ready for swim lessons!  I’m hoping my days go by really slow this week.  Summer is flying!  Good bye with a bouquet of flowers I brought home from the  mountains!


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