Bucket list and perfectly complete full body workout!

Hello hello!  It was a beautiful morning at the track today!  Stellar workout.  One to go down in the books as a favorite of mine.  Do it fast so you can keep it under an hour.  It’s  good!



20 front raises

20 upright rows

20 overhead press

1 minute mountain climbers


20 narrow push ups

20 tricep overhead press

20 tricep dips

1 minute toe taps on bleachers


20 bicep curls

20 reverse pull ups

20 incline push ups

5 bleacher runs


20 one leg hip raises each side

20 stiff leg deadlifts

20 outer thigh lift with squat each side

20 frog hops


20 full situps with twist

20 leg lifts

20 supermans

Summer is cruising right along!  Once again as I was laying on the track today completely spent, I looked up at the sky and said I LOVE SUMMER!  I’m doing well with my goals.  I’ve been thinking of my GRAND bucket list for this my 40th year and I keep adding things to it (:  Here are a FEW more!  I think I have one for every month till the end of the year.  My husband will be so happy with me (:  

JULY is Lake Powell!  I’ve only been there once when I was 13 and my kids have never been.  Our good friends have a trip planned so I had to invite myself!

AUGUST Mount Timpanogos hike!  This is the real deal.  18 miles?  I’m wondering about the stamina of my poor feet!

SEPTEMBER is PR on my half marathon in Huntsville.  Considering this is an excellent downhill course, I think I can do it.  I do need to think about what my time will be since I don’t really know my PR!

OCTOBER will be my photo shoot/best shape of my life challenge that I’ll be working on and sending my pic. to Oxygen Mag!

NOVEMBER?  I’m not sure on this one yet.  I’ll have to think…I should do something less ME oriented.  

DECEMBER!  Why not end the year right and go to HAWAII!!  I’ve always wanted to be in Hawaii over Christmas, but I don’t think my kids would forgive me for that right now.  I can wait…

I’m just jabbering now.  I am drained on all levels.  I need a short nap.  I’m grateful I can take naps.  Happy Summer!!  Keep eating healthy!  I need to be better at cooking and posting yummy recipes.  One of my friends noticed that I’ve been slackin’ on my Instagram!  Next week I’ll try some new recipes!  My brother and sister are coming to town and I should cook for them!  Enjoy Life and SMILE!  


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