Hit the mountains!

This week has been a blur!  I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!!  I’ve tried to fit more than humanly possible into the last week before school!  My friends and I were able to fit in two of our favorite runs!!  On Friday we ran our favorite trail.  We did the whole loop this week!  Yay!  10 1/2 miles and on Monday we ran down Big Cottonwood Canyon.  That ended up being 15 miles.  Both were so beautiful!  Here’s a pic. from Friday’s run!


Since Mondays run I’ve been pretty wasted.  It doesn’t help that we’ve been staying out late with friends every night this week past midnight.  I’m still getting up early and trying to do it all on 5 hours of sleep.  I need a major re-organization of my life and goals!!  I’m such a mental person.  On Friday after my run I was at my favorite 129 lb. weight.  My brain goes back to “I can slack on my eating” and I lose it!  I’m going to start yet another 5 week plan (my race is in 5 weeks) and NOT weigh myself.  I’ll give the full details ASAP!!  I’ve been juggling many tasks in my brain for the last several days and after realizing that I can’t have 3 of me, I’ve decided I need to drop a few things.  I’ve upped my jobs at both my kids schools this year and although I LOVE training, I’m going to have to change how I do that!  I’m hoping to be more of a counselor of weight loss and fitness.  I’ll still make up plans and show them how to eat and exercise, but I’m going to cancel most of my workout classes!  I’ll give the details on my fitness plan in a day or two.  With the start of school, I’m ready for a change!

I’ll end today with a Sunday pic. of me and my girls!  And two quotes I’ve had sitting on my computer for awhile!  Keep working hard and get some sleep already!!!

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