Eat like this to lose weight

Hello!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!!  We are getting ready to spend some time away with our friends.  Our Heber trips are my favorite for total relaxation and fun!  I’m looking forward to the R & R.  Lately, my posts have been once a week.  That might be the trend for awhile.  I’ll include all my favorite topics in one!

FIRST: Healthy Eating.  For some reason nobody likes the word diet.  It doesn’t bother me.  There are two definitions of diet.  I like to think of the first one which is, “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.”  That’s all.  I am currently working on eating healthier.  I don’t want to share the details until I’m done.  I will share some of my favorite foods I’ve been eating lately!  This includes: Omelets, salads, turkey burgers, shrimp, salmon, chicken, protein shakes, pre workout drinks, and nuts.  I feel GREAT!  Cut out the processed food and sugar.

0001JJSECOND: Workout hard.  This week included running, body combat, body pump, HIGH fitness, and weight lifting.  I’m tired. (:  Sunday will be a blessed day of rest for me.  I’m hoping to get in a good 8-10 miler in Heber on Monday.  Exercise always lifts me up and makes me happy.

THIRD:  A few fashion and life updates!  Kids are back in school.  It’s nice for a change of pace.  No less busier, but nice to see them back learning and being with friends.  Here are a few outfits from the last week!  I organized my closet the other day.  I’m a nerd and like to organize and color code my wardrobe!  Ignore the writing on the mirror!

securedownload-1 photo-58 securedownload-2 securedownloadWe’re also involved in a big yard project!!  I’m so happy about this one.  We’re adding rocks and several places to plant bushes, trees, and flowers.  I can’t wait to design my flower beds.  I’d better hustle up, our weather is slowly turning!  Here is some of the work in progress!


FOURTH, is MUSIC!!!  Several of my favorite bands and singers have albums coming out.  I’m also wanting to see Katy Perry at the end of September!!  Listen to these two: It was always you and Pretty hurts.

Keep working hard!  SticK with it!!!  ***

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