Drop inches and feel fantastic!

Happy September!  Today is all about food.  I successfully finished a 21 day healthy eating challenge.  And yes, I bought a new ipod, finally!!  Have a used it?  NO!  I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll get my 10 miler in.  I don’t have much time till my half so I’ve been doing some last minute training (:  We’ll see how this kind of procrastination plays out!  Alright!  This is what I’ve been doing:


I downloaded this 10 page packet that explained all the details.  It’s pretty much lean protein, fats, and veggies with every meal.  For 21 days don’t eat any extra sugar, including fruit.  Dairy is off limits too (:  Sound fun?

Honestly, it wasn’t bad.  It became a habit.  I knew exactly what I could and couldn’t eat and that was all I looked at.  In a nutshell, here are some things I’d eat.  For breakfast, lots of eggs.  I’d usually have 1 egg and 3-4 egg whites.  I’d make an omelet with veggies and put salsa on it.  Some days I’d made a protein shake with chocolate protein powder, ice, water, and spinach.  I usually had 1-2 salads a day with whatever veggies I had on hand.  For meat, I made spare ribs, chicken, turkey burgers, fish, tuna fish.  I’d put whatever meat I had left over on my salads.  I still used dressing.  I don’t like much anyway.  I loved balsamic vinegar on anything.  I’d snack on nuts.  My favorites were almonds, cashews, and pistachios.  Whenever I was out, I’d order vegetables in place of rice or potatoes.  I really wasn’t hungry.  Yes of course I had cravings, but they became easier as a few days passed.  My hardest times were on the weekends, usually Sundays and that’s because my brain has been trained to relax and enjoy whatever food I want on Sundays!  I’m slowly learning that food is just food and you can always have a treat another time!  I freezed several homemade baked goods  to eat later!  Sometimes it was hard in social settings.  People think you’re weird.  Oh well.  As for my body, here are the real results.  I’m 5’7″.

photo-61I will make this picture a little smaller though (:  I weighed myself a little bit throughout and took measurements at the beginning, middle, and end.  My one drawback was running.  I do think you need a little more carbs to keep up with running.  I felt more winded and it was much harder.  I will admit that I took a few days off at the end.  Not a great idea.  Still working on that one.  I don’t want to change though so I’m back on.  I will add 2 fruits a day and 2 healthy carbs to help me with my running.  I was happy to be able to fit into all my skinny jeans.  These jeans I picked out for my skinny friend because they didn’t fit me.  Now they do!

photo-59Here are a few tips!  The food options are so limited, it helped to have a few supplements on hand.


I’d drink an emege every other day.  The vitamin drink was my treat in the morning mixed with water.  Before my workouts I’d alternate amino energy or C4 and after my workouts I’d drink a muscle milk (not shown).  I’d have a protein shake with spinach every day.  Another funny help was gum.  When you’re eating healthy, all food tastes so much better and a stick of gum was all I needed to lift me up if I wanted something sweet (:

I’m sorry this is so long!!  I’ll keep on eating this way with a few days off now and again.  With losing and maintaining weight, it has to be a lifestyle change.  ALSO, working out like a maniac will do NOTHING if you are not eating properly.  Remember that!  You can’t outrun your fork.


I have plenty of other things to occupy my mind and keep me busy.  Here are a few yard pictures.  I still need a few more bushes.

photo-59 photo-60I LOVE this time of year!  Well, I have a list a mile long to get working on.  I’ll try to be more consistent at my writing.  Have a Wonderful and Happy day!!


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