Who’s the happiest people?

Happy Halloween week!!  I finished another half marathon!  This one was called the Haunted Halloween Half and it was down Provo Canyon.  It was a beautiful course!  Sometimes when I’m driving to a race start I wonder why I do what a do and then once we start running I know why!  Euphoria.  I grew up visiting the family cabin in Provo Canyon.  I loved running through my childhood stomping grounds.  The weather couldn’t have been better and it was so fun to see everyone dressed up.  I truly believe runners are the happiest people! (:  Of course I always wish I was faster.  My time was 1:51.  I felt strong throughout the race and then slowly hit the wall for the rest of the day!  By evening, I was exhausted!  I ran with my friend and her speedy 12 year old.  My daughter ran the 5k!  I loved having her there!

photo-64 photo 2-8photo 4This will be a brief post!  This week is crazy busy and it’s kinda freaking me out!  I don’t think I’ll be able to relax much until late Sunday night!  I’ll be working hard this week to see if I reach my weigh in goal.  Yes I gave myself a number to reach by November 1st!  I slacked a little bit over the weekend but we’ll see if I can make up for it this week!  I loved my 21 day challenge and I miss feeling completely great!  I’m going to follow Phase 3 Jamie Eason 100%.  Diet included, which is protein, veggies, some fruit, and little starches.  I need to eat every 3 hours and no eating past 8 p.m.  It’s 4 weeks!  Love it!!  I’ll post some progress updates and pics. along the way.

One last comment about this great day!  Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 is out!  My daughters and I have been waiting patiently for this day!!  I’d put a song on here, but it’s too new!  Tonight we’ll be car dancing!  Love T Swift!

Songs of the day:  Style-Taylor Swift and She’s Everything by Brad Paisley.  This is what was on the radio on my way to the gym this morn!  Great Morning!



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