3 favorite foods you should be eating

Happy Monday!!  Today I have GREAT food ideas, killer workouts for the next 2 weeks, and a sweet outfit (:  FIRST off!!!  I have been so happy with myself for staying strict on my eating.  I am 2 lbs. away from my Nov. 15th deadline and I feel great!  I even ate two treats over the weekend in complete MODERATION!!  That’s my weak spot!  Nothing new about what I’m eating.  Protein shakes, veggies, fruit, and lean protein.  Small servings and lots of workouts since I will be reaching this goal!  I have 3 favorite foods right now!!  SOUP, SPAGHETTI SQUASH, and PESTO (not really a food but a divine flavor!)  Yesterday, I baked a squash in the oven and scraped it out with a fork.  It looks like spaghetti with MUCH lower carb count than regular pasta.  I put a small amount of spaghetti sauce on it, steamed some broccoli, and added a little pesto for flavor!!  SO DELSIH!!!  I didn’t take a pic. but I found this on Pinterest!  FYI!!!  There are so many spaghetti squash recipes on Pinterest!  I think I’ll be trying many of them!!

Cut in half, scoop out seeds, brush with olive oil, bake at 375 for 30  minutes.

Cut in half, scoop out seeds, brush with olive oil, bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

This is what I buy at Costco.

This is what I buy at Costco.

As for SOUP!!!  This is how I warm up in the winter.  Our temps just dropped 20 degrees and I’m feeling it!!  One of my FAVORITE soups is the tomato basil soup from ZUPPA’S.  I need to look up that recipe.  On Saturday we were at Zuppa’s and all I ordered was a large bowl of this MINUS the orzo pasta.  SO GOOD!! Tomato_Basil OK!!!  Next up, WORKOUTS!!  I workout too much I know.  This week and last I’ve been on a mission, but normally (: I’m not that crazy!!  You have to look up Jamie Eason’s last 2 weeks of her 12 week trainer.  This is what I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks.  I’m a little scared! 0001KMEvery day is a different body grouping.  This one appears to be LEGS!  Yikes!  I’ll fill you in later this week on how things are going! I’ll finish up since I don’t have as much time this week!  Early out schedule for the kids takes away 2 hours of my day!  I’m going to get cooking!  I’m making a few meals tonight for friends.  Torture for me because I’m making my favorite rolls!  DIET TIP 101!  Don’t eat any, save a couple and put them in the fridge for later.  Then you don’t feel like you’re missing out!  This will be a fun week of meetings, kid stuff, and my youngest child’s birthday party!  Two parties I might add.  My baby is 6!!  WHAT!?  Have a splendid day!  Work Hard ALWAYS!!!! Here’s my Sunday outfit!  I fell in love with the color of this skirt and then of course I had to have the birdie sweater to go with it!  I can’t remember, but I think it’s all from Banana Republic! The button down shirt is J Crew.  Until next time! photo-66

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