Healthy food staples for losing weight and feeling great!

I’ve been trying extra hard to eat healthy this week and I love it!  I told myself no grains and no eating past 8:00 p.m.  I’m on day 5 and I haven’t messed up once!  It’s the fuel for my fire.  Fire being exercise!  I said in the last post I worked out for at least an hour and 1/2 each day, but TWO days this week I only exercised ONE HOUR!  That’s funny when I have to do less exercise for it to be an accomplishment for me.  I know it’s easy to get out of balance and exercise can be an addiction just like anything else.  CONTROL MYSELF (: is my mantra!  I’m extra hyper active when I have more on my plate.  The school play is my #1 moving force right now.  Always always doing something for that.  Luckily, I’ve LOVED putting it together.  The kids make it all worth it!

O.K.  Since I’ve been eating so wonderfully this week, I thought I’d talk about my dietary staples that I have almost daily!  Here is what I can’t live without, food wise:

SPINACH, PROTEIN POWDER, FRUIT (BANANAS, APPLES, ORANGES, BERRIES, PEARS), EGGS, VEGETABLES (BROCCOLI, CELERY, PEPPERS, MUSHROOMS, GREEN ONIONS, CARROTS, CUCUMBERS), PROTEIN BARS, MEAT (CRAB SALAD, TUNA, TURKEY, CHICKEN), SALAD, LOTS O’ WATER, MUSCLE MILK, and NUTS.  I also have sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, and soup when I get bored with the above combinations.  I’m not much of a dairy fan, but I’ll eat a little bit of cheese and a yogurt now and again!!  


I usually work out in the morning with a few evening classes if I can swing it.  Last night, BOTH my cute daughters came to HIGH FITNESS!!  I loved it.  They were so cute and very red faced afterwards!

photo 1

The gym has been so crazy busy with the new year that I’ve been going to a few boot camp classes.  My cute instructor friend snapped this picture of me during her class last week.  LOVE WEIGHTS!!

FullSizeRenderAlrighty, I’m glad I have a weekend to look forward to!  Skiing, friends, and a birthday dinner with my SIS!!!  Keep working hard and NEVER EVER give up!  Enjoy the journey! I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow until…6:10 a.m. (:




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