Fight Off Hunger and Small Thighs

Hello!  This has been a good week.  After my crash and burn on my diet challenge last week I’m ready to SEE HOW MANY DAYS I CAN GO WITHOUT TREATS challenge (: Today is DAY 5.  I haven’t been in the mood to eat a bunch of junk anyway.  SOOOOO after this crazy 1/2 marathon that I’m running tomorrow, I’m getting back to my weights and my Jamie Eason program.  I say this all the time and I don’t think I’ve ever done it, but I’m going to do 8 weeks of her program and not miss a DAY!!  Combine that with only healthy eating and we’ll see what happens!!

O.K. today I’m going to comment about some questions one of my challenge friends asked me!  First off, people are too nice to me and I’m always flattered when they ask my advice.  However, I love what I do and I’m always happy to share what I know about diet and exercise! The QUESTIONS:

  1. When you work out more does it make you feel hungrier?
  2. Any tips for fighting off hunger?
  3. How are your thighs so small?

First of all, if I had emojis on my blog I would be putting the laughing crying face after the thighs question!  That has ALWAYS been my weakest and least favorite part of my body so WOW I was happy to hear that!  This picture makes me laugh!!


FIRSTLY, YES working out more makes you hungrier and it should!  That’s normal.  My answer is to eat MORE of the good stuff and UP your PROTEIN!  I suggested protein smoothies and to make sure you eat protein with every meal.  You’ll lose weight and stay full longer.  The best combo to eat is PROTEIN, HEALTHY FIBROUS CARBS, AND FAT.  I usually eat the majority of my calories during the first half of the day and eat less and less as the day goes on.

SECOND, tips for fighting off hunger!  There are NONE (:  I watched a small part of a documentary last night called FED UP with sugar.  Some popular news anchors did a 10 day challenge of absolutely NO added sugar at all and they still said at the end they craved sugar!  Don’t believe anyone when they tell you the cravings go away.  They don’t, but here are a few ideas that help.  Fill up in the MORNING!  I’ve been eating steel cut oats with yogurt and berries every day this week and I can’t even get through a small bowl of them!  Have healthy snacks on hand: cut up veggies, fruit, nuts, protein shakes and bars.  Drink LOTS of water and get used to it!  Our bodies don’t really need that much food.


THIRD, the wonderful thigh comment!  I’ve always read over and over again that you can’t SPOT REDUCE a body part.  That means you can’t work one area alone and expect it to change.  Reducing fat in any area is a consistent process that involves a healthy diet and exercise.  Same old same old.  Eat clean, RUN, and lift HEAVY weights and all those SPOTS will be gone!!  I sound like a commercial (:  Everyone has a favorite spot to collect fat, mine is my thighs, but when I EAT well first and exercise it magically improves!  KEEP AT IT AND DON’T GIVE UP is the BEST advice!!

My weekend will be busy with running, niece’s shower, dinner parties, singing in church, high school play, etc…oh and my cute son’s half birthday he keeps talking about!

I’ll end with my favorite NEW warm up pants that I got from Lululemon on my trip!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and might need another pair (winky face emoji)!


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