Impress and Motivate

Hi Hi!!!  A couple things to talk about today.  Sometimes, after dealing with life and listening to everything around me I contemplate and think about what motivates and impresses me!  IMPRESS.  Today I went to lunch with a group of friends from High School and we talked about what we were like as kids and how people and circumstances are now.  Afterwards I was thinking about our conversation and I thought of a mental list of what impresses me and of course what does not.

First, what doesn’t impress me:  Big houses, fancy cars, who’s who.  I guess outward displays of money and materialism.  I have to admit I’m not perfect in this area (: my fetish for cute workout clothes is a weakness of mine.  On a better note, what does impress me.  Mostly, I thought of personality traits:  Genuine real people.  I am who I am around anyone.  People that are with you because of you and not because nothing better came along, hard workers, and positivity.  Most of all, I admire kind, quiet, and behind the scene service oriented people.  I came across a sweet video that almost put me in tears about some serious bad A Moms.  This impresses me (:

Next, what motivates you?  For the most part, I’m a self motivator.  This past week however, I’ve been motivated by a couple other things too.  My daughter has been reading me parts of a book she’s reading about an Olympian named Noelle Pikus Pace.

Focused cover_newI have loved so many things in this book.  Here are just a few quotes I especially like: “The secret to competing in the Olympics and in life is to place one foot in front of the other and focus on where you are going.  Learning to focus on where I wanted to go and to eliminate the distractions around me was the key to helping me reach my full potential.  Just keep your head up and your eyes forward, and place one foot in front of the other.”

“We all have fears, worries, negative thoughts, and doubts that creep into our minds, but we must understand that we always have a choice to accept these thoughts or push them out.  How we feel about ourselves is a direct result of the thoughts that we choose to entertain.  I want to challenge you as you go through the next day or week, and eventually the next months to years, to recognize each negative thought that comes to your mind-about yourself, someone else, a project, work, school, any negative thought-and replace it with a positive one.  I promise you, the negative thoughts will hold you back in competition and in life.  Olympians and veterans of the sport understand the role of the mind as we strive to think positively.”

These words were perfect for me to hear right now.  I’ve noticed over the past few months I’ve been down on myself and my running abilities.  I have a 1/2 marathon this weekend and for weeks I’ve been telling myself I’m not ready or that I won’t do well.  I am now ignoring those words and reminding myself that my legs and body know what to do and I’ll do it well!

Yesterday a group of impressive and wonderful friends of mine went on a hike to Mt. Timpanogos.  This is an 11,000 ft. mountain.  I really didn’t think about what I was getting myself into!  The round trip hike ending up being a 13 mile, 4000 ft. elevation gain, and 4 1/2 hour hike/run!  Talk about motivating and impressive.  Inspiring to me, that you could send out a text to a few friends and end up with 17 people.  It was amazing!  I’m grateful for the beauty around me and my body that keeps up with my mental craziness!  Here are some pics of our adventure!

IMG_8467 IMG_8478 IMG_8479 IMG_0406

That’s all I got for today!  I’ll post after my race.  I have some AMAZING new shoes and a healthy vitamin drink I want to talk about!  I’ve been a little too wordy this time around!  Go out there and take on the world.  Work Hard Forever.   (: LOVE IT!!!

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