Take time to look at the leaves

Hi!  This will be short with lots of pictures and quotes!  It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  I’m so happy Halloween is over and we’re on to Thanksgiving time!  I am in awe every day as I drive around at how beautiful the leaves are.  This is right in my backyard!


Actually, I’ll show you a real picture of my backyard!


We have a lot going on at our house right now.  Sometimes it’s hard to balance everything.  Here are a few projects and activities running around in my brain:  Back yard remodel with lots of excavating and rock walls goin’on, new washer and dryer which means time to remodel the laundry room, installed a hood vent (finally) above our stovetop.  I love it, but that created a small mess!  Helping my senior with scholarship and admission applications, managing the busy life of my 14 year old daughter who is hangin’ on by a thread, listening to all my kids about what they’re liking and not liking and what they need and finding time to read to them, make them food, clean up after them, do their laundry, and get enough rest so I don’t get grumpy.  Keeping my hubby happy falls in line with all the kids too (:  I could go on for quite a while with even more things that occupy my brain.  While I promote healthy eating and exercising, it isn’t what runs my life.  There are far more important aspects of life that I love!  My cute daughter sends me texts daily about everything.  Today she’s tired.  Here are a few quotes I’m sending her:

6458dd595170ce6c12cf74b38367cfce Good Things To Come d139946661e8aad17075767171e528a2-de76845f407fff6057588112ffe34381

This is sort of a random post, much like all of them (:  I have two pics. to share from my Halloween dress up at the gym.  I didn’t get one of me in my daughter’s cheer costume though!

IMG_9037 IMG_9075

And I’ll end with one of my favorite “Don’t quit” quotes by Michael Jordan!


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