6 Week Challenge



Holly Barker’s 6 Week Challenge October 9-November 20

Hello my healthy friends!

I’m excited to share my fitness life with you! I’ll tell you everything you need to know about losing weight, leaning out, and following correct nutrition guidelines. I want you to look at this challenge as a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. This is NOT A DIET!!! Your success will depend on this mental approach. 95% of all diets FAIL!! Why? Most of them are fad diets, quick fixes, restrictive, and not something you can maintain FOREVER!! My plan will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to help you lose weight, maintain the weight, and even improve over time!!!! I have learned this myself through countless trial and errors over 25 + years in the fitness world.

After the plan is over, KEEP GOING! Do exactly what you’re doing. My hope is that the information you take away from this challenge will be one that you can turn into a habit and a lifestyle. That is success!!

Included in the program:

  • 5-6 day a week weight and cardio programs
  • Meal plan or Macro plan
  • Recipes
  • My Vitamin and Supplements list
  • The BEST food and grocery list
  • The BEST healthy snacks and healthy habits list
  • Accountability-Weekly Check-ins with me
  • Top 3 winners receive prize $$$ to Lululemon or Athleta


  • Set a realistic goal.
  • Take weekly progress pictures (front and back in a swimsuit or workout clothes) AND send them to me by EMAIL EVERY MONDAY!! This is where the prizes come in. I will pick the winners by your before and after pictures. This has been the greatest way for me to track improvement! It also helps you stick with the program by being accountable!!! I suggest focusing more on measurements and pictures instead of the scale.
  • WORK HARD and BE PATIENT. Take one day at a time. Give the program your 100% best effort. Do the workouts, stick with the healthy eating plan for the entire 6 weeks!

COST: $60

If you’re interested in one on one training, please email me to book an appointment. First session is FREE! After that, I charge $20 per session.

THANK YOU for participating and GOOD LUCK!! Health and Fitness is my passion and I LOVE sharing it with others!

Please email me with any questions!




IG: hollsfitlife






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