O.K. Are you ready for it?? This 8 week challenge will run from WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2nd to THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH!! It will be similar to my past challenges. It includes:

Weekly text check-ins with me

20+ recipes and meal ideas

Grocery lists

Help with macro counting


Optional walk through of weight workouts and equipment with me at the gym!

I like to set my challenges up as a friendly competition, but even if you’re not the competing type, you can still join just for the accountability, which is HUGE in helping you stick with the plan. There will be daily points to keep track of and each week I’ll have you send them to me along with PROGRESS PICTURES. I’ll send a weekly email out to all the participants with everyones standings for added motivation! At the end of the 8 weeks, I’ll have 3 winners that will be decided by % of body weight lost and point totals.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to keep track of:

At least 100 ounces of water daily

45 minute workouts

Progress pictures

Limited sugar intake

Portion control of carbs

Something new this go around is PROGRESS PICTURES!!! You don’t have to be in a swimsuit either, shorts and a t-shirt is fine! Front, side, and back is preferable, but I’ll take just a front one if you’d like! I believe this is very important for accountability and motivation!!


The cost for the 8 weeks is $60. Part of that money will go in the pot for the THREE winners. The plans will be sent out by Monday, December 31. Everyone starts on Wednesday by texting me your first progress pictures and weight. I won’t email out everyone’s weight, just the percentage of lbs. lost and the weekly point totals and if you’d like to use a code name, that’s fine too!

If you’d like IN, you can PayPal or Venmo me. Please let me know ASAP if you’d like to join and INVITE everyone you know, the more the merrier! My last challenge we had 15 people and it was great!!!!

I’m constantly amazed with what I learn about the body and what it really is capable of!!! My goal is for everyone to develop healthy habits physically and mentally that can help you throughout your life! Let’s do this!





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