Are you ready for it??


I LOVE to set up my fitness programs as a CHALLENGE for the added fun, motivation, and accountability!!! This one will run for 8 weeks starting on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th and end on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18th! Here is your CHALLENGE if you choose to accept it!!!

I’ve broken it up in two 4 week parts! Here are the RULES to follow for the first 4 weeks:

*Drink a gallon of water DAILY!!

*Workout AT LEAST 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week!! (I’ll send you weight training and cardio workouts)

*No macro counting. I’ll give you a variety of foods to choose from. I don’t think telling you exactly what to eat works and most people don’t stick to that. I will tell you how many proteins, fats, carbs, fruits and vegetables, etc. to have daily. The ONLY one you cannot go over is the beloved CARBS! You will have 3 servings of starchy carbs daily to choose from. That does not include fruit or vegetables and trace carbs that are in almost everything.

*10 hour Intermittent Fasting window (1 day off a week)

*AND my VERY favorite, NO REFINED SUGAR (candy, desserts, cookies, etc.) for 30 days! October 23rd will be day 30! Yay!

I think SUGAR is the biggest culprit keeping people from their health goals and I believe everyone should see how their body feels without it. You will not shrivel up and die and YES there is a fall break and you will have to turn down your 2nd cousins best friends famous apple pie a la mode and probably tell people you’re doing a no sugar cleanse for 30 days and remember, THERE IS NEVER A GOOD TIME to start a new eating goal and there will ALWAYS be an excuse!! Get rid of them. Tell yourself you will not eat that stuff period. Once you’ve made the decision it’s done. The first week is the toughest, but you WILL see and feel the difference. O.K. That’s my biggest surprise and schpeal!

So what happens after the first 30 days and what is part 2?? Everything is the same except I will send you new workouts and you’ll have to workout an extra day and for at least 45 minutes daily. Instead of no sugar for 30 days, you will have ONE treat meal once a week, not a treat day. Splurge on a HUGE dinner and dessert and then get right back on! You can also choose to count macros if you’d like and I’ll teach you how if you need help.

To track and hold yourself accountable, you NEED to check in with me every MONDAY morning before noon! (: I would LOVE it if everyone sent me front and back progress pictures weekly, but I know MOST people won’t do that. I do HIGHLY suggest taking pictures for yourself! You can see the difference with my body in this one example.


The cost for the 8 weeks is $60. Part of that money will go in a pot for TWO winners. I know the scale is NOT the greatest way to track progress, but that’s how I’m going to do it. I’ll award the one that loses the most lbs. percentage-wise to their starting weight, and the one that earns the most points at the end of the challenge!!!

To simplify, if you’d like IN, you can PayPal or Venmo me. Weigh yourself this Monday morning and text me your starting weight. Every Monday night, I’ll send an email to the group with everyones point standings. You can use your real name or a “code” name (: Keep track of the following for the first 4 weeks:

*A gallon of water a day (1 point a day=7 weekly points)

*Workout 30 minutes daily for 5 days a week (1 point a day=5 weekly points)

*Only eat 3 starchy carbs daily  (1 point a day=7 weekly points)

*Intermittent fast. Only eat within a 10 hour window. So, if you start eating at 8 in the morning, stop eating at 6 p.m. (1 point a day=6 weekly points)

*NO SUGAR for 30 days. You can eat protein balls or protein bars. (1 point a day=7 weekly points)

I hope this makes sense. A perfect weekly SCORE would be 32! I have been doing this exercise and diet stuff for a LONG time. I STRONGLY believe that each one of these habits are the keys to your success! Message me if you’d like to join ASAP!!! I’ll send you the workouts, food lists, and many recipes by Sunday night!

I’m constantly amazed with what I learn about the body and what it really is capable of!!! My goal is for everyone to develop healthy habits physically and mentally that can help you throughout your life! Let’s do this!





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