Hey Everyone! I’m excited to do another challenge with all of you! I hope you know that even if you’ve done my challenges in the past, it’s always good to do them again!! I love a challenge, a goal, and something that pushes me. This is it! So, don’t feel bad if you’ve done them before and you’re doing them again. Sometimes I’m re-doing my own goals on a weekly basis! AND, the more the merrier!!!! PLEASE JOIN ME! You will LOVE it!

Here are the DEETS:

Start Date: Monday, October 7

End Date: Monday, November 18

Cost: $40

Goal: Lose 5% of your body weight. Example: If you weigh 150 lbs., you’d need to lose 7.5 lbs. in 6 weeks to reach your goal! It is VERY doable!

The Plan: Keep track of points for food, exercising, and checking in with me!

Rewards: Weekly drawings if you check in with me every week!

Prizes: 1 winner for the most weight percentage lost and 2 winners for the most points!

How It Works: Choose between 3 workout programs:

Beginner (4x a week workouts/2 of those need to be weight workouts).

Intermediate (5x a week workouts/3 of those need to be weight workouts).

Advanced (6x a week workouts/4 need to be weight workouts).

Everyone will get an easy to follow meal plan that includes 10 different breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. You can also choose a macro based plan that I can help you with!

The only FOOD rule is to CUT out white sugar and white flour 6 days a week. You are allowed ONE treat meal a week, if you’d like! Choose foods that have less than 6 grams of sugar per serving. Protein bars, powders, and sugar free items are o.k., but REALLY try to make the bulk of what you eat REAL food!

AND lastly, you will get points for checking in with me and yourself EVERY week! You need to text me once a week with your weight loss and points AND you need to either weigh, measure yourself, or take progress pics once a week!

I think SIMPLE is better and really when it all comes down to it, EATING WELL and EXERCISING are what matter most! If weight loss isn’t your goal, you can still LEARN healthy habits and feel MUCH better by following my plan. I’ve created this to be a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE approach. I don’t believe in too much restricting or cutting out food groups! You do not need to do this. This is a plan you can follow for a lifetime and be successful!

Let me know ASAP if you want in!!!! We start in 1 week! LET’S DO THIS!!



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