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Burst Cycle Diet…not for the faint.

I’m writing this while eating my precious 3rd meal of the day.  Turkey meatloaf muffins and a TON of veges!  It’s amazing how good food tastes when you’re completely depleted!  Yes, I have a short diet I’ve been following for the last 3 days and I’ll continue through all of next week.  I’m a diet connoisseur as much as I am a dessert connoisseur, go figure.  I think this is the ONLY website you will see with an extreme fitness fanatic posting diets and workouts and the next day posting FAVORITE halloween candy!  Oh well.

I found this diet through one of the MANY gyms in my town.  It’s called GPP FITNESS.  I LOVE their gym.  I would be a member if I wasn’t already a member of two gyms, taught my own class, and ran 4-5 days a week!  It is much like CROSS FIT.  They have a GREAT website too where they post daily killer workouts!!  Check it out.

The diet is VERY simple yet VERY hard.  Here it is:

Burst Cycle

by Neil Anderson

This diet program has been responsible for more lost weight than any other food program I have ever come across. I developed it in 2001 after reading some research on keeping metabolism high during low calorie dieting. You will lose 5+ lbs per week if you are able to stick with it.  You will also keep that hard-earned GPP muscle if you are doing the workouts daily.

This program is very effective. It works. Be perfect with it and you will make great progress. Only do this program for 6 weeks then take a break. You may go back on it after giving you body a 2 week break. Good luck…Write to me with any questions.


1 cup cottage cheese
1/2 banana

or a protein shake (1/2 banana, 1 T. peanut butter, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, ice, water, spinach)  This is what I’ve been eating for breakfast.

Lunch (if you are out and about this is a 6” sub)

Sandwich: 2 pieces of bread, 1 oz. of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, pickles and 3-4 oz. of meat – (ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken)


4-6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cup vegetables

BCD Rules

  1. 3 days on (1000 calories), 1 day off (up to 2000 calories females/3200 males).
  2. Must take daily multi-vitamin.
  3. Must drink 64 oz. of water per day.
  4. Must do GPP workouts daily.
  5. Cannot cheat; if you cheat you must go off this diet.
  6. This diet can be counterproductive if misused.

This would be super hard to do for 6 weeks!  ARGHH!  Mostly, I’ve felt great and on day 3 I already feel and look leaner.  I’ll take tomorrow off and then be at it 2 more times next week.  I did notice a small weakness in my running.  On day 2 I ran a fast 7 miles and lifted weights later that day.  Then today I ATTEMPTED to run 10 with my FASTY friends.  I was so completely empty I had to turn around early. ):  We’ll see the end results next week with my body fat test.  One thing I LOVE is a CHALLENGE!!!  Here’s a few motivational quotes and bods.  This is what I want to look like.  AWESOME!!  I LOVE lifting!

I cheated just a tiny bit since I went to lunch today with my high school friends at Olive Garden.  I ate salad, chicken, and veges.  I think that’s still legit.

My good friends for a lifetime!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


Cram time

Here is a little bit of honesty from me.  I’m good at being a procrastinator, but I’m also good at being a crammer!  I have until May 15th to take my Personal Trainer test.  I’m on hold as I write this to schedule my test.  I don’t feel ready but I’m going to hunker down and glue myself to my book and computer.  I’ve really enjoyed studying the information, especially the nutrition section.  Yesterday I had lunch with my life long friends.  I’ve known them since college and one of them since we were 13 year olds!

IMG951345-1One of my friend’s told me she wanted to do a “cleanse” and asked what she should do.  I actually tried to steer her away from a cleanse.  Imagine that?!  I do love the burst cycle diet when I feel like I’ve pigged out and I want to get back on track.  I have a tendency to follow fad diets because the results are quick, but from personal experience, the weight will come right back on when you go off it.  Super strict eating typically leads to overeating.  Hence, yo-yo dieting.  My greatest words of advice were, eat every 3 hours, drink tons of water, load up on the vegetables, get your fiber by eating fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and legumes.  Stay away from processed packaged food, fast food, white sugar, and white flour.  Sounds fun huh??  You will lose weight if you follow this diet and especially if you add weight training!  I will love being a personal trainer (:

So, I’m back from the not so sunny Florida.  Yes, it gets cold in Florida.  We arrived at the start of a storm and left on the first sunny day we had!  We got a little bit of partly cloudy one day and to stay warm I went for a run on the beach!  I ran twice while I was there and lifted.  They had a semi-decent gym.  The food was spectacular however so I’m sure that didn’t matter much.

On to my second cramming to work on!  Tomorrow I’m going to have my body fat tested again.  I think that is a great indicator of health over time.  6 months ago I was at 17.42% and I’m hoping for no higher than 18.99%.  I don’t feel quite ready for that either.  Oh well.  I was going to take lots of pictures on our trip but I think we only took three.  I really wanted the handstand shot on the beach but I would have gotten blown over!  Next time!!!

SAM_0621I’ll be back on Monday with the body fat update, wardrobe pics, and many other exciting and new ways to stay in shape.  I’m all about sculpting arm muscles right now with the warm weather.  Have a spectacular weekend!!!


What’s the ONE most important advice for weight loss?

HI and Happy Monday!  My sister and I were discussing weight loss the other day and she asked the question, “What is the ONE most important advice for weight loss?”  Most people have tried everything and most people still want to lose weight.  Soooooooo…what do you think the #1 weight loss tip is?  My husband immediately said SUGAR.  I think that’s way up there on the list, but I have to say that DEDICATION or CONSISTENCY is the #1 BEST advice.  Find a plan that helps you lose weight and STICK TO IT!!

This bod looks like serious dedication and consistency to me!

This bod looks like serious dedication and consistency to me!

MENU for the week is clean eating all around.  I’m going to do THE BURST CYCLE DIET for 3 days.  It’s super strict, but it motivates me to eat better.  This will be a busy workout week as usual.  Saturday was a 10 mile run with my friends.  The weather is looking UP and our numbers are increasing!  YAY for running outside!  Tonight I am teaching a BOOT CAMP class at our gym.  I’m thinking kettlebells and burpees (:  My FAVS!  Mondays are always a good day to regroup your goals and start out strong.

Here is a YUMMY menu idea for the week that I found HERE. 

dsc_0001And lastly, a bit of MUSIC to help you HIT THE WEIGHTS!  Workout WEDNESDAY next post.  Run HarD aLways**

#1 weight loss tip

Greetings!  I missed my Monday yesterday.  Here’s to Tuesday!  So, I give all sorts of advice on staying fit and healthy and losing weight etc….  I’ve been talking diets with several of my friends lately.  It’s not easy to keep going day after day consciously thinking about eating healthy.  I’m impatient when it comes to losing weight.  I have LOVED the BURST CYCLE DIET.  I can lose 5 pounds in 4 days and I feel much better.  This is what I’ve been eating lately:  

  • Protein shake (1 banana, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 T. natural peanut butter, handful of spinach or kale, ice and water)  
  • Turkey sandwich (2 slices of whole wheat bread, turkey, 1 slice cheese (provolone or laughing cow), lettuce, tomato, pickles, honey dijon mustard)
  • ZONE bar and fruit (apple or pear)
  • Chicken and veges (brocoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, or a big salad)

I drink a full glass of water with every meal and more throughout the day.  I also drink one EMERGE drink in the day.  I don’t know if it does anything, but it’s something different.  

I only follow this diet 3 days at a time.  On the off days, I still eat healthy but I add more calories.  


O.K.  The only way to eat like this brings me to my #1 weight loss tip!  SLEEP!!!!!!  I have been so sleep deprived lately my husband thinks I need to see a doctor 🙂  I fall asleep in the car ALWAYS, except when I’m driving 🙂  On Sunday during the Super Bowl I snuggled into the couch while everyone was yelling at the t.v. and only woke up for the half time show.  Yesterday, I was equally as tired and I wanted to eat all day.  It really has a HUGE impact on weight loss.  If you don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, you will suffer.  I know from experience.  Sooooo, I’d rather miss a workout than miss my sleep these days.  I guess that means I’m OLD?  However, a run in the fresh air does bring me happiness and energy*.  Those are hard to miss.

Here are a few cute pictures!  My kids are learning from my example!

Scan 2And a sweet picture with the kids and the 2 dogs.  I am not a dog lover.  I have 2 dogs out of the goodness of my heart!!  You won’t see my blubbering over how much I love my dogs, but we were a little sad yesterday when our schnauzer almost died.  She’s doing better now and I think she’ll live!!!  Everyone is much happier!  Enjoy your Day!  


Music for the day!  Classic 90’s country.  Love the hair!  I’m listening to a few spanish workers in my house.  It’s fun to pick out what they are saying!  I wish I remembered more.