The JOY of Christmas!

Besides my crazy obsession with health and fitness, I have an equal passion for beautiful and inspiring music.  As Christmas approaches my heart is reminded of the REAL meaning of Christmas!  Take a break from the holiday rushing and festivities and enjoy two of my favorite Christmas videos this season and #sharethegift.

Working out and the biggest 2015 fitness trend

HELLO!!  I’m ready to start a great December week!  I mentioned in the last post about leaning out in December.  I’m still on board, but I forget each year the outta control partyness that goes on all month!  I’m not going to be as perfect as I wanted to be this month, but I’ll be close.  I’m lookin’ ahead to Jan. for my serious push!  Here are a few tips to stay on track!

Drink water!!!!  Especially a big glass before a foodie event!  This will calm your cravings and appetite.  And if you do splurge, drink water again!!  You’d think I’d drink a lot of water, but I have to remind myself to drink sometimes because I get so busy that I forget!

  • Plan your week out!  Consciously think about your schedule and what parties you have and then eat super healthy all around them so you can relax at the party.
  • Plan your workouts!!!  I told my friends during our run today that I honestly LOVE sitting down and scheduling my workouts for the week.  Weird I get excited about that (:
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have a mess up day.  Get back at it the next day!


O.K.  Fitness tread for 2015…drumroll… It’s one of my favorites for it’s simplicity and old schoolness.  BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES.  Think squats, lunges, pushups, planks, maybe burpees (:  This is how I roll!  Kinda funny that it’s nothing new.  2nd place is still HIIT workouts.  Another favorite of mine.  Personal training is number 3!  Love that.  Spinning and Zumba are going out the window.  So, don’t think you need too much to get in shape!  Here’s a quick and simple one you can try anywhere:

4 ROUNDS (25-20-15-10 reps)

* Do 25 of everything on round one, 20 on round two, etc…

Prisoner Squats

Hand Release Push Ups

Sit Ups


Side Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Side Planks 

Switch Lunges

And!  I just made that up!  I know that’s not that exciting (:  I’ll have to try it out with my workout group this week.

I’ll end with a few of my favorite workout clothes these days.  Think Christmas gift ideas of course.  Lulu shorts are my fav. after trying MANY.  In fact, everything in these photos are LULULEMON.  You can’t go wrong.  Comfy and great for any workout!

photo 1-4

Tank-105 singlet. Shorts-Run times short. Bra-Energy bra

photo 2-9 photo 1

Tank-cool racerback.  Shorts-Run times short

Tank-cool racerback. Shorts-Run times short

My shoes are Nike Vomeros!  My favorites for running too.  Well…I have a sick kid that’s acting like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  He’s 16 and he wants to snuggle (:  Delirious?  Have a great week and Work Hard Always!!

Gift Ideas, Home Decor, and Get Lean for December!!!

Happy December 1st!!  I have lots to talk about today.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.  It was busy leading up to the big day but then we took off to St. George to relax and take a break from reality for a bit.  I was able to host the big feast this year!  Everything turned out perfectly.  We had 55 people that includes our usual family bunch of aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and sisters etc…I love this time of year when we have several family get togethers.  It was different being in charge.  I stayed on watch of the food more and didn’t really “enjoy” the conversations as much, but I loved it!  I love having my home full of family, friends, and food.

I mentioned I was in need of a few decorating items!  Knowing I was hosting Thanksgiving I popped online and ordered a few things.  Everything worked perfectly.  Here is my collage of home decor!  Whoops!  I just noticed I messed up the writing a bit.  Oh well!  You can’t see my little silver penguin too well but he’s a cutie!



0001orNext!!  I have a birthday along with Christmas like I do every year of my life (:  I love it and make a bigger deal about my birthday than I should!  I thought of a few great gift ideas for the holiday season.  From top to botttom:  Red penguin jammies from Victoria Secret, the sweetest NIke running outfit ever (Nike Pro hyperwarm embossed pant and NIke Pro hyperwarm engineered hoodie), any pair of TOMS, Pandora bracelet (I love the idea of getting a personalized charm.  You could get a new one every year!)  So there you go!



Lastly, I updated the pic. from Thanksgiving.  The yellow sweater was this year and the green was last year.  I had to have my daughter in the pic. again too.  This might be a silly picture tradition I’ll keep carrying on!!


Well!  I gotta jet to a workout class.  Sorry I didn’t say much about lean December!!  I’ll have to come back in a couple days and discuss that!!  I have great workouts to share, eating tips, and I read an article about the biggest fitness trend for 2015 I want to talk about!  Have a beautiful day!!  Time to get Christmas UP!!!

August Sundays

I do have seriously good nutrition and health tips to give, but today is the start of a new month and I need to post last month’s SUNDAY OUTFITS!  Here I am, mostly with my cutie son who likes being in the picture with me!

Top-Forever 21 Skirt-J Crew Shoes-J Crew

Top-Forever 21
Skirt-J Crew
Shoes-J Crew

Top-Izod Skirt-Talbots Shoes-Dillard's


Top-Ann Taylor Loft Skirt-Bettie Page Shoes-Zappos

Top-Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt-Bettie Page

Sweater-Gap Skirt-Boden Shoes-Greece


I have a pretty tight schedule this week and I won’t be able to breath a sigh of relief until Sunday evening!  I have 3 small goals that I want to keep for the next 2 WEEKS!!

1-Weigh 128

2-Protein shake everyday (The super duper kind with fruit and spinach!)

3-No eating past 7:30 p.m.

I think I can handle that!  I can’t believe it’s September!  The days, weeks, months, and years keep moving at breakneck speed.  I’m working on a MASTER marathon playlist that I’ll be sharing soon as well.

Here’s a sweet COUNTRY song I’ll be adding to the list!  Work, Inspire, and Trust you can Kick it this week and always!


HELLO!!!  Happy happy day!  August 1st is here!  From today on, I will be naming my posts by what day I’m on in my 100 day goal of NO SUGAR!!!  I will not be eating white bread, candy, desserts, treats, ice cream, or anything on a box that has more than 6 grams of sugar per serving.  YIPPEE!!!  Another great thing about me is when someone tells me I CAN’T DO SOMETHING, I want to DO IT EVEN MORE!!  Stick around till about the 1st week of November and you’ll see my end results.

O.K!!!  Yesterday’s run entered my list of TOP FIVE runs!!!  I’m so glad because it was on the exact race course I’ll be running in September.  My SWEET little running POSSEE ran 14 miles down BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON!!  It was breathtaking!!  Mountains huge on both sides, a beautiful stream following alongside the road, and the morning sky filled with reds, pinks, and purples.  Best of all, I felt great!!  I’m actually not even that sore today and it was some serious downhill!  My yummy icey limeade was waiting for me in the car at the bottom.  I’m glad I have crazy friends to share in this JOY!!  Here’s the awesome pic. that I took at our starting location!


With the start and end of a month, here are my beautimous SUNDAY outfits.  My cute little (not so little anymore) son wanted to be in many of them!  I’ll be back soon with great tips on how to stay sane without sugar!!  Have a happy day!

photo-8 securedownload securedownload securedownload photo-24

Fashion Day and favorite sports bras

Hello and happy weekend!!!  JUNE is here!!!  This will be a post on a few outfit and clothing highlights.  First, I had a question about my favorite sports bra.  Here are 3 of my FAVS:

LW2540S_010201_1 th-1 _7743528

In order from top to bottom:  Lululemon-energy bra, Under Armour-C cup bra, and Zella bra.  All are super comfy and just the right amount of support and not too tight.  The Lulu is my #1 choice.  I need to get off to a baseball game and a million other things.  I had an AWESOME run this morning to the gym and back up the 2 + mile hill.  I’m surprised at how good I felt.  My diet has been right on this week!  Monday is my check in weight day.  I’m hoping to be down 5!  I’m going to keep careful track of what I eat next week and share what I do.  I was a little lazy at taking clothing pictures this month and I really need a new camera.  Here are 2 SUNDAY outfits and my NEW shoes outfit that I wore to the gym the other day!!!  I usually rotate between two pairs of running shoes.  My new ones are bright PINK!!!  My laces aren’t quite the same, it was hard to tie them the first time!

Dress by Boden, Shoes by J Crew

Dress by Boden, Shoes by J Crew

Top by Polo, Skirt by Custom Made, Shoes-Dillard's

Top by Polo, Skirt by Custom Made, Shoes-Dillard’s

Nike top, Albion skirt, Nike Vomero shoe.

Nike top, Albion skirt, Nike Vomero shoe.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer day!!!  Don’t cave on the weekend with your diet.  SMILE, go for a walk, and Work Hard.


Sunny berries, mint green, and body fat

I LOVE May, June, and July.  This time of year always seems to fly so I need to take advantage of each day!!  For my memory exercise, here is a recap of my fabulous and beautiful weekend.


1-Baseball game!  Being in the sun, seeing the kids run around, chatting with friends, oh and of course watching the game!

2-Weeding!  That wasn’t really fun, but since it was SUNNY I loved being in the yard!

3-Playing!  Saturday, all the kids had more than one friend over and it was in and out all day!

4-Body Fat Test!  Yes, I’m goofy.  My friends laugh at me for doing it!  

5-Dinner party!  We had a group of 4 couples and their families over for dinner on Sunday.  28 people!  I made yummy Hawaiian Haystacks and meatballs and the others brought salad, rolls, and dessert!  It was fun catching up, laughing, and watching the kids play! 

This post will be a little bit of everything since I’m going to sign off until May 15th!!!  My personal trainer test is in 2 weeks and I need to spend every second I have studying.  As usual, I’m constantly finding motivation through goals and challenges.  I’m going back to my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and I’m actually going to do them for the month of May!!  So far, I have not kept them.  Isn’t that good of me?  Eating will be healthy and yummy!!  Check this out!  So pretty!

tumblr_mll44ylu6A1s631nvo1_500It is berry season and they are sooooooo good for you.  Eat berries EVERY DAY!!!!  

Next, my outfits for April were a little weak.  I lost one picture and we missed a couple Sundays, so here’s what I got!!

Mint green!  A favorite!

Mint green! A favorite!

This top had my name on it!

This top had my name on it!

I bought the dress and the top at a cute little boutique in Amelia Island.  I like to buy something you don’t see at home!

Just  a few more details about my body fat results.  I was real close to what I was 6 months ago.  My weight was down a pound?  131 and my body fat was up!  It came in at 18.99%  So funny!  I had said I didn’t want it to be higher than that.  I give myself about a B- for effort too so that’s not too bad.  I should have been more strict on the diet.  I really hope I pass my PT test because I want to get started on my competition training!  I know it will be a great asset to my clients and I’m looking forward to learning more about nutrition and weights.  And of course I will share all my great advice!

Keep it up!!  Get back to your goals!  Refocus!!!  I had a major sugar hangover this weekend.  My run with my friends this morning was much needed!!!  And most especially, DON’T  STRESS!!!  I was happy one of my friends gave me the compliment that I don’t stress out!  I like that!!

Simply beautiful!

Simply beautiful!

Enjoy your spring running!  Wish my Luck!  Relax, Breathe, Laugh,and Love!!