Stick with the program and serious abs

Happy September and back to school!  I’m happy Fall is in the air.  I love seeing the leaves change and having a new change of pace.  I love the harvest decorations, the cooking, and smells of the season!  We are remodeling our yard and peach trees are on the list.  My favorite!

O.K. first matter of business, FOOD!  Our weekend in Heber was a MAJOR stay strong challenge for me.  I don’t want to even talk about all the amazing good food goin’ on up there.  I didn’t cheat once amidst chocolate chip cookie pie, grilled pizza, shakes, and more.  I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of this healthy meal I whipped up last night and then ate today for lunch!


It’s spaghetti squash with pasta sauce and zucchini and a salad with tuna on top.  Did you know that real whole food tastes so much better when you’re not eating processed and sugary food?  I am weird, but my vitamin drink tastes so good to me!  I will say that while everyone was over eating and experiencing stomach pain on our trip, I was feeling great.  No stomach issues.

Next, working out.  I’ve loved my workouts over the past week minus my RUNNING! I’m doing perfect with my eating healthy, but I think I’m eating more like a body builder and less like a runner.  They are not the same!  That’s o.k. I’m going to add more calories 2 weeks before my half. I’ll give a full detail of my eating lifestyle in about 10 days. Let’s just say, I’ve never felt better and all my clothes fit perfect.  The more I lift the more I like it.  It’s my happy place.  This is the workout I did with my church group this week.  I loved the core and abs throughout.  Move fast and get it done in an hour!  We did each exercise for a minute and a half and then rested for 20-30 seconds between sets.  Do each station 3 times before moving to the next station.  My obliques are still sore two days later.

Station 1 X 3

Donkey Kicks alternating with ab jacks

Rear Delts


Station 2 X 3

Tricep Dumbbell kickbacks

Walking Planks

Frog Hops

Station 3 X 3

Arnold Press

Tick Tock Abs


Station 4 X 3

Hand Release Push Ups

Leg Lifts 

High Knees

I’ll finish with a few pics. from the trip and one outfit.  Life is definitely hoppin’!  I have many priorities and projects that I’m working on.  I’m grateful I can do so much and still stay sane and happy.  (:  Have a happy weekend.  FOOTBALL!

Soldier Hollow-Sheepdog Championships

Soldier Hollow-Sheepdog Championships

Ignore the porta potties.  My daughter must have overlooked our background!

Ignore the porta potties. My daughter must have overlooked our background!

Top-J Crew Capris-LA Idol

Top-J Crew
Capris-LA Idol



Why am I not losing weight?

Happy summer rain day!  I’m kind of a weather fanatic.  If I watch the news, the only thing I want to see is the weather.  Weird.  With summer coming to an end, I LOVE LOVE to look at the next five days and still see the highs in the 90’s and lows in the high 60’s.  I need to take advantage of my running days!  They are numbered as Fall starts to sneak up.  WELL!  I can’t say when I’ll be writing on this blog.  Some days and most days I haven’t felt like saying much.  Today, I’ll combine all things health and all things me!!

FIRST, to address my title and question, Why am I not losing weight?  I read a couple articles lately about losing weight (surprise surprise) and this is what I read (another surprise surprise)!  Two things: Which is more effective at losing weight: Eating healthy or exercising?  Number one important way to lose weight is to eat less and eat healthy.  People WAY under estimate the number of calories they eat and over estimate the number of calories burned during exercise.  Eat less and load up on fruits, veggies, and protein.  Nothing new from me!  NEXT, Cardio versus weights?  Again, by a HUGE percentage, lifting weights will help you lose weight easier and faster.  Cardio burns a lot of calories, but lifting weights helps you keep burning weights for hours after your workout, giving you a higher metabolism!  Again, nothing new.  LIFT WEIGHTS!!


This leads me to my WORKOUT of the week!!!  This week I’ve decided to try a few of my favorite workouts.  I think I’ll be doing these workouts for the next few weeks.  I love them!!!  I’ve posted them before.  They are Jen Jewell’s workouts.  There are 4 of them:  Back, Upper body blast, Lower body blast, and Chest/Triceps/Abs. If you love working chest, give this one a whirl.  I died.

 Workout 4:Chest/Triceps/Abs


Bench Press-12 reps

Russian Twist with weight-15 reps per side


Incline dumbbell Press- 12 reps

Side Bridge holding a weight above your head-15 reps per side


Dumbbell Chest Flys-12 reps

Plank- 1 minute


Side to side push up- 12 reps

Weighted full sit-up- 20 reps

Decline push up- 12 reps


Tricep dumbbell kickback- 12 reps per side

Tricep pushdown or close grip bench press- 12 reps

Seated tricep press with dumbbell- 12 reps

Tomorrow will be a good day too!  7 mile run and back day.    

What else??  Eating has been good.  I find that I give in a little to treats on the weekend, but I get right back on track every Monday (:  Here are a few of my weaknesses that make me cave!

 #1 The weekend (especially Sunday)

#2 Homemade breads

#3 Homemade cookies, brownies, or almost any treat

#4 Peer pressure (At a party and everyone is eating and you feel weird if you don’t eat too)

#5 Tired and overly hungry

Keep me away from these and I’d be 100% clean eating girl.  My biggest problem is the weekend.  So, this week I made a goal to have no treats until 5 pm on Sunday night!  BUT…I might have one treat on Saturday night if we end up going out (:

Next on my list is new pics!  I’ve been doing a little shopping lately and my good friend gave me bags of her old clothes so I’ll be posting cute clothes more often!

Top-Express Skirt-Boden Shoes-Dillards


Top-Ann Taylor Loft Skirt-Boden Shoes-Greece

Top-Ann Taylor Loft

As I type, my kids are watching Robots in the other room and I recognize the voice of Robin Williams.  A little sad to hear of his passing.  One of my favorites and definitely one of the most talented actors of all time.  You never know what’s going on in people’s lives.  Be kind.  I’ll be watching Dead Poet’s Society this weekend.  A favorite of mine!

I’ll end with another favorite of mine: music!!  Enjoy!  Be happy!

My copy and paste button is not working.  You’ll have to work a little and look these songs up!!




“I, I did it all.  I, I did it all.  I owned every second, that this world could give.  I saw so many places.  And things that I did.  Of every broken bone I swear I lived.”

1/2 marathon training and whole 30

All things fitness today!  I didn’t mention in my last post that I got a flu bug on the last day of our Lake Powell trip and I’m still not 100%.  It’s a great diet plan since almost nothing sounds good to me and when I do eat, my stomach freaks out.  Anyway, I was hoping to pig out today since tomorrow is AUGUST 1ST and I’m starting an almost WHOLE 30 diet!

I also need to get RUNNING!!  I have 8 weeks until my half marathon.  I’d like to run it in 1:40!!  That’s about a 7:45 minute pace.  I might need to get some new running shoes?  That always makes me feel faster (:  I came up with my own training program for the next 8 weeks.  This is not scientific or doctor approved.  I read that 25-35 miles a week is a good total for an intermediate runner training for a half.  My first few weeks are under that due to my lack of running and sickness.  I love plans and I’ll follow this to a T.  I haven’t decided about my weight training yet.  I’ll for sure train 3 times a week.  I’ll give a full review of this training plan in 8 weeks!

0001iD   Yesterday we had a great workout I’d like to post as well.  It’s one of my favorite style workouts.  Two exercises.  Start the first one at 50 reps and the second at 10 and then switch to 40-20, 30-30, etc…until you reach 10-50.  Make sense?  We were going to run bleachers after each set but they were wet so we did a few sprints.  We ran out of time and only completed one round of the last part.  That’s cuz we talk too much.


All my friends texted me about their soreness.  Mission accomplished!

O.K. Back to WHOLE 30.  This is pretty much paleo.  I have a problem with that because I don’t love meat but the more I think about it, I can handle it.  I’ll only have meat at two meals and load up on the veggies for the other meal.  My meat of choice is chicken, seafood, and turkey.  That’ll be all.  Tomorrow I’ll post all things FOOD.  Day 1…again (:  Lots of stuff on the internet to help with this diet.  One thing I did like is that you can’t weigh or measure yourself throughout the 30 days.  That will be an interesting challenge for me!  Gotta go!  Think Yummminess!!


Bucket list and perfectly complete full body workout!

Hello hello!  It was a beautiful morning at the track today!  Stellar workout.  One to go down in the books as a favorite of mine.  Do it fast so you can keep it under an hour.  It’s  good!



20 front raises

20 upright rows

20 overhead press

1 minute mountain climbers


20 narrow push ups

20 tricep overhead press

20 tricep dips

1 minute toe taps on bleachers


20 bicep curls

20 reverse pull ups

20 incline push ups

5 bleacher runs


20 one leg hip raises each side

20 stiff leg deadlifts

20 outer thigh lift with squat each side

20 frog hops


20 full situps with twist

20 leg lifts

20 supermans

Summer is cruising right along!  Once again as I was laying on the track today completely spent, I looked up at the sky and said I LOVE SUMMER!  I’m doing well with my goals.  I’ve been thinking of my GRAND bucket list for this my 40th year and I keep adding things to it (:  Here are a FEW more!  I think I have one for every month till the end of the year.  My husband will be so happy with me (:  

JULY is Lake Powell!  I’ve only been there once when I was 13 and my kids have never been.  Our good friends have a trip planned so I had to invite myself!

AUGUST Mount Timpanogos hike!  This is the real deal.  18 miles?  I’m wondering about the stamina of my poor feet!

SEPTEMBER is PR on my half marathon in Huntsville.  Considering this is an excellent downhill course, I think I can do it.  I do need to think about what my time will be since I don’t really know my PR!

OCTOBER will be my photo shoot/best shape of my life challenge that I’ll be working on and sending my pic. to Oxygen Mag!

NOVEMBER?  I’m not sure on this one yet.  I’ll have to think…I should do something less ME oriented.  

DECEMBER!  Why not end the year right and go to HAWAII!!  I’ve always wanted to be in Hawaii over Christmas, but I don’t think my kids would forgive me for that right now.  I can wait…

I’m just jabbering now.  I am drained on all levels.  I need a short nap.  I’m grateful I can take naps.  Happy Summer!!  Keep eating healthy!  I need to be better at cooking and posting yummy recipes.  One of my friends noticed that I’ve been slackin’ on my Instagram!  Next week I’ll try some new recipes!  My brother and sister are coming to town and I should cook for them!  Enjoy Life and SMILE!  


Run faster and burning arms and abs workout

Happy 4th!!  I’ve always loved the 4th of July and remember telling myself as a kid that it was my favorite holiday!!  We are leaving for a few days to go up to the mountains!  We’re going with a couple other families.  I’ll be sure to document!  I’ve been a little tired this week.  Yesterday I was going all day at breakneck speed.  Why?  This Manager job of mine is tough in the summer (: Aside from the kids, I push myself.  As always I need to work on more ZZZZ’s.  However, my nutrition plan is engraven in GOLD this go around!!  I’ll give more details on Monday!  Yesterday was our track workout!  Love it!  It was trash the arms and abs day!


Today I’m talking running!!  This morning a group of the BEST ladies in town ran up MY trail (:  We recruited one husband too!  I say mine because when we got there all these cars were already there AND the high school cross country team.  I said to myself, why are so many people on MY trail today??  Some days are easier than others to run up this mountain.  Today was a hard day for me!  I don’t know why and it bugs me.  I like using the Garmin because next time I’ll tweak a few things and push myself to get to the top faster!


Next, for your running pleasure, I created a page of interesting running statistics and INFO.  I have two events coming up!  August we’re hiking Mount Timpanogos.  I’ve wanted to do this for awhile.  I believe it’s 18 miles of heaven (:  Then, in September I’m running a half marathon in Huntsville.  If I’m where I want to be, this will be my best half ever!  Happy amazing 40th year to me!


Well, I’d better be off!  Last photo to share is from the 4th of July 18 years ago when I was a missionary in SPAIN!  Grateful beyond grateful for the U S of A!!  Have a wonderful weekend!




Happy Birthday! New music and personal training goal

Well hello there!  Today is a big day for me and my oldest son.  He is 16!!  I’ve loved every minute of planning fun surprises for him!  Last night a friend of his organized a surprise party.  I thought he knew, but really he didn’t!  We went to dinner with family while everyone showed up and then they all surprised him when we came home.  He has great friends!  THEN, this morning on his REAL birthday a few friends in our neighborhood came by in the morning to wake him up and take him to breakfast!  Hee hee!  Another surprise!  We went and made him an official driver too!  My heart is full of the greatest love when I think of becoming a mother for the first time.  I love all my kids equally, but that time with the first will always be dear to my heart.  My world revolved around him.  Here are a few pics. from the past and TODAY!!  Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!

securedownload-4 securedownload-2 securedownload-3 0001W7I’m tired today from staying up till midnight last night and then waking up to workout at the track at 6 a.m.  Our numbers were tiny today but I still loved working out outside in the morning hours.  I’m super sore from my leg workout yesterday!  I need to work legs more!  This weekend will be a leg burner as well since I’m running RAGNAR Friday and Saturday!!  We each have 3 legs and my total mileage is about 19 miles.  We’ll see how I do.  I haven’t really trained, but do I ever really stop??

Lately, several people have been wanting some nutrition and exercise advice.  I’ve told them I’m off duty till August!  Mostly because I want to organize my training.  I want to create a training manual for beginners, intermediate, and advanced programs.  I also want to put together a recipe book.  New goal!  Finish these projects in JULY!!!  I love what I do and helping people see results and I think this will make it even easier for them to lose weight.  Now I just need to set aside an hour or two every day to accomplish it!!

I’m going to end with a few favorite songs for the day!!  The first one is my son’s favorite song right now.  He plays it multiple times every day.  The second one is a band I learned about from the teenage girls at church!  And the third is a new Maroon 5 song that I love.  Have a wonderful day!  Lift heavy and SMILE always!!  (: (: (:



Back in the SUN and my favorite things party

Happy Wednesday!  Today was our first track workout of the season!  It was a beautiful crisp morning.  As I went to sleep last night with the windows open and the blankets kicked off I said…I love summer!!  Here it is:

0001B9I snapped a couple shots!  For some reason everyone had on purple today!  Look at my cute friends.  I love this picture!

securedownload-2 securedownload-1I’ve been stickin’ to the program with my nutrition and exercise!  I feel so much better when I’m ON.  I had a conversation with my brother in law the other day that fueled my fire a little bit.  As we discussed, he commented that my body doesn’t change with all my working out AND then he teased me about eating 3000 calories a day and how much Backer’s cake I consume.  Hmm…is all I can say (:  I can ALWAYS change my body to exactly what I want!  How disciplined do you want to be?  And I’m not talking starving.  I’ll be ON for awhile now!

Anyway, last night I went to a FAVORITE THINGS party.  Talk about my favorite thing!  So much fun!  About 17 people were there.  We all brought 5 gifts of something that was our favorite.  I brought GAP dream lotion and a LUNA bar.

securedownload-3Then we put 5 slips of our name in a bag.  We each came home with 5 different favorite things of everyone’s.  I’m doing this for sure with my sisters when they come to town.  And of course it was a pot luck dinner!  I made a healthy chicken salad and rolls.  Here are my girls posing by some of the gifts too!

securedownload-3 securedownload-2Well!  I’m off to check my list of to do’s for the day and make french toast for my kidlets.  Lots of good things!  Have a happy and sunny day!  Be back Friday or Saturday (:

Strengthen your core and abs

Hello!  Today is workout day.  As I said earlier this week, I’m working on abs.  Here are a few ab workouts to choose from.  Lately I’ve been alternating a few.  My ball workout that I posted a couple weeks ago and this one:

3-4 Rounds

25 Kettlebell side to side abs: While holding the kettlebell in both hands, twist from hip to hip touching the kettlebell to the floor on both sides.

male_kettlebell-trunk-twists_220 Reverse crunches with stability ball between legs:



15 Ab crunch machine:

225_215 Roman chair legs raise:


I also found this gem of a workout I’d like to try!

ee96760e5b2ed201d61d82b3cd142304In the next few days I’m going to post an updated workout song list.  Yesterday I posted a song called Phoenix by Fall Out Boy.  Something weird happened with that song.  It shows up on my cell phone as a totally different song.  I only meant to post Phoenix.  Look it up.  It’s good!!  Have a wonderful day!  Run hard!



Upper Body HIIT and I heart LEGS workout!

Hello!!  It’s a beautiful MAY day!!  I have a great workout that I just put together for tomorrow’s early morning class.  This week we killed the legs on Tuesday and tomorrow is kill the arms day!  OH!!  And by the way, today is DAY 19!  I’ve lost 8 lbs.  Yay me!

0001eJ 00016JThis time of year is all about the kid’s lives and wrapping up the school year.  Normally, I’m not much of a mushy so sad my kids are growing up Mom, but this week was my youngest child’s last preschool class.  My eyes got a little teary as I watched his little class skip down the driveway holding hands with their teacher.  Geez…I didn’t think the end of my preschool years would get to me.  I’ve loved his teacher and he has loved preschool.  Today he graduated.  He’s been saying all day how proud he is of himself (:

securedownloadI found another picture I wanted to throw in here from 2007.  My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I was looking for pictures of her.  This is from my first marathon!  I honestly thought I’d only run a marathon once!!  My friends are trying to talk me into running a Fall marathon and then running Boston again.  As much “FUN” as that sounds, I’m stickin’ to halfs for now.  I have a FALL half I want to do and I’m going to work on speed this go around.

Holly's camera 078

Well, it’s almost time for the onslaught of children.  I think we’ll go to Orange Leaf to celebrate my cutie boy’s graduation!  Have a wonderful sunny day!  Get outside!





Amp your workout

Well!  I love to amp my workout, but now I can barely lift my arms to type.  I have a couple workouts to share this morning.  My faithful 5:15 a.m. clients showed up this morning a little draggy (:  On Tuesday we went through a pretty EXTREME workout.  I did most of it with them and I’ll say it was a doosy!  Try this one on for size (:

0001wrOne of my clients was especially dizzy and tired so I thought of a supplement that was recommended to me.  It’s a pre-workout drink to boost your energy. I put half a scoop in her water and put 3/4 of a scoop in my water since I was heading to the gym afterwards.  I also made them a THURSDAY TREAT.  Search for GRANOLA BARS on my blog and the recipe will pop up.  I left out the chocolate chips.  They are SOOOOOO yUMMMy!  Anyway!  I went to the gym without much time and cruised through 35 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill.  I LOVED this workout drink.  I AM absolutely positive I could feel a difference especially since I was running on 5 1/2 hours of sleep.  NO excuse to start downing caffeine!  I will be better at my sleep, but this drink definitely helped.  I didn’t have to rest as much and I could lift heavier and quicker.  Loved it!!  Here’s a PIC!!  It’s called C4.  It’s at  Click to read about what’s in it!

image_prod130042_original_X_450_whiteThis is what I did today.  ARMS and ABS!  It’s from Jamie Eason’s workout.  I did this superset style.  Do each set of exercise three times before going to the next one.

Arms, Abs, Cardio

Barbell curl 3×12  Overhead cable curl 3×12

Cable Hammer curl w/ rope 3×12  Alternate hammer curl 3×12

Tricep dips on benches 3×15  Skull Crushers 3×15

Seated Tricep Press 3×12  Tricep Pushdown w/ rope 3×12

Air Bike 3×25  Jackknife Situp 3×12  Hanging Leg raise 3×12

30 minutes cardio


I’ve enjoyed the change of pace without my marathon training.  I am looking forward to being a spectator this weekend at the Ogden Marathon.  Several of my friends are running and it will be so NICE to watch!!  I’m going to try to run the last few miles with one of my friends who wants to qualify for Boston…again.  She’s amazing and could do it without me!

Well I must be on my way.  I need to stop and help my daughter at the junior high.  Last but not least, a couple pics. from the Mother’s Day kick ball game with the 3rd graders.  We kinda killed em’  It was a lot of crazy fun.  I love this time of year.  ENJOY!!

securedownload securedownload-1P.S.  I forgot to say…THIS IS DAY 13 of my challenge.  I had to count that out too.  I’m kickin’ butt.  Don’t give up!!